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Samsung buys camera startup that Apple had sued for patent infringement

Samsung has bought camera specialist Corephotonics. The takeover had last indicated. Thus, in the future, Samsung could deal with patent lawsuits that had once brought Corephotonics against Apple on the way.

What has the acquisition of Corephotonics, a camera specialist from Israel, through Samsung with Apple’s iPhone to do? At first, the connection is not clear. Among other things, Corephotonics has developed certain techniques to keep pictures from smartphone cameras sharp, even when using the zoom. The startup has been working on telephoto lenses and image optimization algorithms, among which the iPhone has benefited. And there it became interesting.

Apple could negotiate with Samsung in the future

At the end of 2017, Corephotonics filed a lawsuit against Apple. The charge: patent infringement. Apple is in his iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 8 Plus – both incidentally currently in a lawsuit for patent infringement of Qualcomm at Apple out of the race – have infringed patents of the Israeli company. It had negotiated for years and struggled for a license assignment, but without coming to an agreement, the photo specialist had stated then. Apple, however, should have it in the end simply arrive at it.

The company has filed about 155 million dollars for the startup.

For many years, Samsung and Apple had fiercely fought patent battles in many of the world’s courts. Whether the South Koreans the now purchased technologies are worth enough to conduct a new legal dispute, must be seen.

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