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Santander founds an ally in Fintech

Mexico City. Banco Santander México has defined its relationship and alliance with financial technology companies (Fintech) as strategic, for this reason it announced that it will promote, in collaboration with the Embassy of the United Kingdom in the country, a study on the challenges, perspectives and opportunities for the development of these companies.

Santander knows what fintech means

Santander Mexico has found in the Fintech an ally for the impulse of innovations in its products, more than a competition, for that reason it has developed more than 10 projects in the last two years with Fintech, which have allowed to create from ideal digital payment solutions for financial inclusion, innovative automatic savings tools and sensitive improvements in our digital platforms.

That is why, in this spirit of deepening the relationship of Santander Mexico with the Fintech, and in conjunction with the United Kingdom Embassy in the country, will promote the development of a study aimed at identifying the challenges, perspectives, best global practices , analyze the success stories in Mexico and the impact of the regulation on these Financial Technology companies.

About the study

The study, which will be developed by Endeavor, will provide recommendations so that these companies can continue to develop, accelerating competition, under equal conditions for banks and Fintech, and will help identify public policy opportunities so that Fintech can continue to bring innovations in financial matters. in favor of the community.

This announcement took place in the Residence of the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, where the study on financial inclusion focused on women’s empowerment was also presented, and subsequently a panel on Investment in Fintech as an inclusion vehicle coordinated by Santander México.

What is going on right now

Currently, Mexico is one of the economies with the largest development of Fintech companies in the region, with more than 300 companies of this type, which places the country as the second largest Fintech ecosystem in Latin America.

The event was headed by the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Mexico, Corin Robertson, and Javier Castrillo, Executive Director of Digital Banking at Santander México; having as witnesses the Undersecretary of Finance and Public Credit, Arturo Herrera, and the president of the National Banking and Securities Commission, Adalberto Palma.

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