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These design checklists for startups will make your product better

Bringing excellent designers into a startup team is not always easy. Sometimes you have to fall back on external designers, because in your environment no one as a permanent team member is tangible. After all, designers are not only responsible for stylishly styling a product, but also for making your product as customer-friendly and usable as possible. With design checklists you can make your life much easier.

Today we want to introduce you to a tool to keep track of the most important Todos in the design process. Regardless of whether you carry out an implementation yourself, have a designer in the team or fall back on freelancers: With these design checklists you remain on track and do not forget any relevant feature.


The website, created by the Australian product designer George Hatzis, provides you with a checklist for every conceivable element in your app or website. George designed countless MVPs, and no matter how many times he went through the process, he always noticed that he had forgotten or ignored details.

So he started for himself to create design checklists that remind him of the minimum requirements of each product component.

Example Login Design page

If your users need to sign in to your product, you’ll need a login page. Piece of cake! But do you really have all the necessary elements in mind and thought through?

The login checklist provides you:

The most important features for a login page and useful addons like an integrated password generator

  • Links to login page mockups on dribble for inspiration
  • Articles that introduce more deeply into the theme of login pages
  • Examples of how successful startups implement their login pages
  • Which content can additionally make sense on a login page

What else can do?

There are currently two categories of items for which checklists are available:

  • Complete standard pages or sections and their features:
  • Login
  • price
  • 404 error page
  • onboarding
  • Contact
  • Shopping venture
  • FAQ / Knowledgebase
  • Page components and functions
  • Buttons
  • Popups and overlays
  • Text-entry fields
  • navigation
  • Search function
  • Content Cards

The treated elements are constantly being expanded and you can be notified about new content.

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