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Search Hotel Rooms In Quebec With This Hotel API

Did you know you can search hotel rooms in Quebec using an API? In this article, we will explain how!

Tourism in Québec is the province’s fifth most important export product. A total of 29,000 businesses are related to this sector. These companies generate 130,000 direct jobs and 48,000 indirect jobs. In 2006, Québec welcomed 28,551,000 tourists, mostly from the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Japan. 

Quebeckers always enjoy the pleasures of the table and like to party, which is particularly evident in the many celebrations held in Québec. On a cultural level, Quebec is overflowing with creativity in literature, performing arts, painting, sculpture, and crafts.

Quebec was first a French colony for more than two centuries, between the arrival of Jacques Cartier in 1534 and the capitulation of Governor Vaudreuil in 1760, in favor of the English. It is the only province in Canada to have French as its only official language. It is also one of the few former French colonies in North America where French is still spoken.

Quebec is distinguished from other tourist destinations by its uniqueness. Because of its European side, its history, its culture, and the warmth of its inhabitants, Quebec is a top tourist destination both nationally and internationally.

Technology has become one of the best tools to improve the productivity of a tourism company, to gain a competitive advantage over the competition, and to be able to reach our target audience. The problem is that many companies are not prepared for the digital transformation that is taking place in the tourism sector. And this problem is not so much a technological challenge as a cultural and organizational one.

Companies have to adapt tourism products and services to an increasingly informed and demanding international consumer, who has the capacity to influence other customers and who demands products in a digital environment. In this situation, digital platforms that offer multiple services are increasingly used, especially to offer hotel services, and centralize the varied supply of suppliers. 

Why Use An API?

API is the abbreviation for Application Programming Interfaces. An API is a set of definitions, rules, and protocols. Its job is to allow two or more applications to communicate, and therefore their products and services can also interact with other programs without the need to fully understand each other’s process.

These tools are divided by branch, depending on the information they provide. Within the Travel APIs there is a wide variety of Hotel API, Flight API, Car Rental API, among others. There are also integral APIs that offer a wide variety of services and attributes for the platforms and are the most sought-after in the market. Such is the case of a popular API in the market called FlightLabs

More About FlightLabs

There is no doubt that this tool is indispensable to having a competitive tourism platform in the market! With FlightLabs you will be able to offer and consult the information about a wide range of services such as hotel accommodations, flights, and car rentals, as well as their rates and availability. Everyone loves this API in the market for its global coverage and high performance. 

Its search engine is a highlight for everyone, providing accurate and fast results. You can also dive into a wide variety of categories such as IATA and ICAO codes, or even search for accommodation or flights using specific parameters. It is compatible with most programming languages such as JSON, PHP, or Curl, among many others. It is also easy to integrate and you will see immediate results!

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