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Similar Sites To Duplichecker That Offer APIs For Plagiarism Detection

Do you use duplichecker? Do you want to search for another alternative platform? Use these copy checker APIs!

Utilizing internet tools to validate any fresh information you publish is the simplest technique to do a test. Although it would be better to complete this before publishing, you can wait.

If you’re a blogger, content writer, or copyright writer, it’s a fantastic habit to get into. Online checkers come in both no cost and paid varieties. Your needs will determine the one you use. For short writings of up to 1,000–2,000 words, simple tools work well. You may need to look at a premium tool if you are writing a novel, a research article, or an academic paper. However, you have a few excellent options for no-cost plagiarism checkers that can provide decent results.

So, maybe you´re already using some plagiarism checker like Duplichecker. Duplichecker is software that offers a platform with numerous file formats. They employ a variety of methods for uploading text. Simply copy, paste, and upload using a device or online storage as the user. The API supports seven different document formats without restriction, including.doc,.docx,.odt,.pdf, and.rtf.

Additionally, Duplichecker provide customers with complete comfort by providing findings in percentages, such as the unique content ratio in %, which makes it clear how much copied information there is simply by numbers. They also have the highest accuracy rate for plagiarism detection. Additionally, it speaks a variety of languages.

But, if you´re looking to avoid being a source of plagiarism and create original content that generates more visits to your writings, we recommend the use of these three other platforms that help detect plagiarism in an article and that´re really similar to Duplichecker:

Plagiarism Checker API

The Zyla Labs Plagiarism Checker program makes it simple to assess whether or not an article contains copied material. In conclusion, you may be sure that none of your original works include any previously published information by checking for plagiarism in writings. This API may be used to build a real-time or immediate sensor for plagiarism.

You should also check to see if any of your content writers are using the same terminology to make sure that every published piece of content is entirely unique and not a copy of anything seen on another website. Additionally, you should look for instances when language from your own blogs or articles are being used.


Content from Unicheck portal syncs with your applications very quickly. Register your URL and choose the Webhooks you want to use to do this. If something happens at that URL, we’ll let you know. Webhooks work regardless of how many users use the program. a thorough approach that universities may employ to identify text changes and similarities as well as to prevent works from becoming created by other persons. available as a standalone solution through the LMS or API.


With the help of Copyleaks‘ API service, every business can effortlessly integrate our plagiarism detection system with their own website. The service is speedy, safe, and straightforward to use. To use the copyright detection API, your business may check original, related, and paraphrased data, and you can acquire thorough results fast and securely. The solution is totally branded with your brand and tailored to fit your habitat.

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