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Slow Internet connections or data limits are not a problem for Google Stadia

On June 6, 2019 we finally knew the approximate date of launch of Google Stadia, the price of the product and the catalog of video games with which the console will be released.

Google Stadia is going to be the new bet for the video games of the people of Mountain View. A platform by streaming that promises to completely revolutionize the gaming industry by offering the possibility of executing any title even the most powerful or triple A in any device with access to a browser and Internet connection.

Now, as is logical, there are many doubts and concerns surrounding Google Stadia. What will happen to those users who do not have a fast Internet connection or a mobile tariff with limited data? Can these people enjoy Google Stadia in its fullness? To Phil Harrison, Product Manager at Google Stadia, this question does not seem to matter much.

Slow connections or data limitations are not a problem

For Google Stadia, slow connections or data limitations are not a problem. According to an interview with the GameSpot media, Phil Harrison stated bluntly that slow connections or data limitation are not among the concerns of Google and Google Stadia.

The limits on data rates are not a problem. They believe that Internet providers will react to meet the needs of their customers. They are smart companies and their priority is to keep customers happy and keep them with them for as long as possible.

Harrison recalled that the main advantage of Google Stadia is to transmit games directly to a phone using our data rate and that, therefore, Internet service providers or ISP adapt to what users need. Phil also warned all those who were doing calculations to know how much Google Stadia will consume to move games at 4K resolution and 60 frames, stating that the variants are many and that it is possible that Google Stadia does not always need the most optimal connection to move the games. videogames at the highest quality.

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