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Swiss smartphone banks catch up

How many customers have Swiss smartphone banks? According to Andreas Dietrich of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences Lucerne, Zak’s offer launched by Bank Cler has around 14,000 clients; Neon has a customer base in the four-digit range according to demand of the trade newspaper. The London Fintech Revolut also already has tens of thousands of customers in Switzerland, writes the newspaper.

How is the gender distribution?

According to Dietrich, 70 percent of Zak’s customers are men and 30 percent are women. “A gender distribution can be observed in virtually all technological innovations (at least in banking),” writes the head of the Banking and Finance Masters program. The average age is 34 years. 63 percent of customers are under 35 years old, 31 percent between 36 and 55 years and 6 percent older than 55 years. 90 percent of Zak’s customers are also new customers.

Neon from Zurich

The company Neon from Zurich has been in beta since August. The start-up is working together with Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, as you can read here. According to co-founder Michael Noorlander, Neon’s customers are between 30 and 40 years old and predominantly male, as the business paper writes.

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