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Part 1: These are the 10 startups with the highest value in the market worldwide

They are part of the Hurun Global Unicorn List 2019 ranking and are considered as unicorn companies because they are valued above one billion dollars. The research firm Hurun Research made the Hurun Global Unicorn List 2019 ranking, a list of the 494 startups that were founded in the 2000s…

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Partnerships: Alibaba grabs the Berlin startup Data Artisans

The Berlin startup Data Artisans was officially bought by the Chinese online giant Alibaba. The goal now is to further improve the open-source software Apache Flink in its development. Only recently we have reported on the rumors about the acquisition of Zalando by the Chinese company, now it has secured…

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Don’t look too far away for your success: Your future co-founders may be in college

The success story started at the Technical University of Berlin. Kostas Tzoumas, now CEO of Data Artisans, was a researcher there after earning his doctorate in computer science. At university he met his co-founders Stephan Ewen, Ufuk Celebi, Fabian Hueske, Aljoscha Krettek and Robert Metzger. Together with a TU professor,…

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Which company will become the best provider of cloud infrastructure services?

At first it was the mainframe, then the PC and now it is the cloud in the form of large distributed systems and storage macro units installed in data centers. Applications in the cloud are unstoppable trend and the sector is in fewer and fewer hands. The large distribution companies…

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