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Mexico is still in the “spotlight” of Canadian businesses

Mexico and Canada are celebrating this year the 75th anniversary of their bilateral diplomatic relationship, which also includes economic, cultural and educational exchange. Despite the violence that has intensified in several areas of the Latin American country, due to the control of the drug route that is consumed in North…

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Canada proposes a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency exchanges

The Canadian Securities Administration (CSA) and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) yesterday published a document to consult the community on crypto regulation. The Canadian financial regulatory authorities are considering establishing rules for exchanges of cryptocurrencies in the country The Canadian Securities Administration (CSA) and the Investment Industry…

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Blockchain: Canadian banks new system for identity management

A Canadian banking company has shown interest in the idea of using blockchain technology for a digital identification system for residents. This was reported Tuesday, January 15 by the national news agency The Canadian Press. The Executive Director of the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA), Neil Parmenter, spoke during a presentation…

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Facebook Data: Microsoft, Spotify, Netflix and Amazon received private information from FB users

  Facebook has allowed more than 150 companies, such as Netflix, Spotify, the Real Bank of Canada or Amazon, to access the personal data of users of the social network despite the privacy protections that had been implemented according to the demands of official organizations. This Monday, The New York…

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This is what you pay in taxes for using cryptos: USA, UK , Germany, Canada, Switzerland, etc.

Japan’s Finance Minister Senator Fujimaki suggested that the current tax rate for cryptocurrency transactions in the country, which can reach a maximum of 55 percent, could be exchanged with a flat tax of 20 percent, percent similar to stocks or currency trading. While Japan is not sure if the current…

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