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How fast your internet connection should be to use Google Stadia

The world of games on mobile has grown a lot in recent years. And the thing seems to be getting more and more due to the good work that developers are doing. As well as the growing interest of users to use their mobile to play as we have done traditionally with the console.

Google has presented Stadia. It is a platform of games in streaming, with which users will not need a powerful hardware to play, but simply depend on our Internet connection. Now what we need to know is, how good does Google recommend it to be?

Required speed for internet connection

Google Stadia is the Netflix of video games created by Google. It is a platform in which we can play the games that the company has in its catalog without having a powerful mobile or computer, or installing games on our device. Since everything will be done by streaming.

This implies that the speed of our Internet connection will be a key element when it comes to obtaining a good experience with Stadia. And according to Google itself, to play in 1080p at a speed of 60 frames per second, we will need at least a connection of 25 megabytes per second. While to play at 4K resolution, it will require at least 30 megabytes per second.

The company has also said that it could reach this quality with a slower speed. And that Google Stadia will adapt to the network speed you have to offer the best possible experience based on your connection. This will be done all automatically, without having to adjust any image parameter, as it happens in Netflix. Which adjusts the image quality to the connection speed so that the image is not cut at any time.

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