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The 5 best web browsers to search outside of Google

Google search is the most used, but it is not the only search engine you can use. Do you want a browser that gives you more options?

If we tried to make history and remember all the times we’ve done a Google search, it would be impossible to list them all. Of course, it goes without saying that there is someone who has the entire account: Google. Each time we do one of those searches, it is recorded in our account; accumulating with it a good amount of data that is very useful for the company.

Google knows all the applications you use on your Android, so you can avoid it. Google knows so much about you that it does not just record searches or location, it also saves the moment you open an app and which ones you use.

Although there are many more search engines there is no doubt that Google is the most used. It comes by default in Google Chrome and many other browsers; getting with it a bit more popularity because it is strange that we access the web of other search engines to find when Chrome (and the rest) allows us to do it comfortably from the address bar.

On the one hand we want to use search engines outside of Google and in a simple way; On the other we look for web browsers that offer alternatives to the default integration of the aforementioned Google. Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex … Choose your alternative search engine, we will detail the best alternatives where to use them.

A fast web browser and awareness of the ecology If you want to enjoy a quick navigation and also contribute to the planet your bit, Ecosia Browser is your browser. Totally free from Google.

Samsung browser

It does not matter whether you have a South Korean brand mobile or not, the company’s browser is suitable for your Android. Not only is it suitable, it is also one of the best you can use: besides being fast, powerful and including a lot of add-ons, Samsung’s browser offers ads, cookies and antirastreo blocking. Not only that, it also allows you to choose the search engine to use by default.

Samsung’s browser offers, in addition to Google, the following search engines:, Bing, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo. More than enough options for you to search without leaving a trace in your Google account.

Samsung Internet Browser Version: Varies according to the device. Author: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Requires 5.0 and later INSTALL INSTALL INSTALL APK Size: Varies by device.

Brave Browser

It is one of the preferred browsers of users and one of the most public has recently won, both on computer and smartphones. And we are not surprised: the Brave browser for Android offers an impeccable Chromium adaptation that smoothes out the speed of use, the lower consumption of data and the special emphasis it places on security and privacy. The selection of search engines contributes to this.

Brave has Bing, DuckDuckGo (normal and light), Qwant, StartPage and Yandex; besides Google, of course. And it includes an interesting addition: you can choose the search engine by the type of tab, so there is the option to differentiate normal browsing from private or incognito.

Monument Browser

This is one of the most recent web browsers we have tested in El Androide Libre, also one of our favorites. Not only because it is very light and it allows to eliminate ads and traces, it also includes a very accomplished dark mode, multiventana operation and the different search engines we are looking for.

This impressive browser will make you forget even Chrome Forget about Google Chrome and even Brave: everything you were looking for is present in Monument Browser. Fast, light, with dark mode … Bestial.

Monument Browser has the search engines of Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Qwant and StartPage. If you have not tried this browser now, it’s a good time to download it: it’s really worth it.

Monument Browser: Adblocker Version: 1.0.158 Author: Apps by Marcelo de Souza Requires 5.0 and later INSTALL INSTALL Size: 1.1M


A classic in millions of computers and also millions of smartphones. And with different versions to choose from, including the most recent and renewed Opera Touch. We have chosen the “normal” version because it provides what we need: different search engines to choose from so that we do not have to stay alone with Google. Of course, the other versions also delve into this choice of privacy.

New Opera Touch browser for Android: more comfortable, faster Opera has a new mobile browser: Opera Touch. Not only is it suitable for smartphones, it also specializes in adapting to touch screens.

Among the search engines chosen by Opera are Google, Yahoo !, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, eBay, IMDb and Wikipedia.


What to say about Firefox that has not already been said? Ultra-familiar browser that had its golden age before the irruption of Google Chrome; and that maintains a huge development effort by Mozilla, both desktop and mobile. It has everything you can search in a browser, including the inclusion of add-ons in the mobile version. Obviously, it also offers alternatives to Google when choosing a search engine by default.

In addition to the pre-installed search engines (Google, DuckDuckGo, Twitter and Wikipedia) it is possible to add new ones just by holding down the search bar. This makes Firefox tremendously versatile.

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