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Text-To-Speech To Improve Productivity In The Office

Do you think that the benefits of text-to-speech technology do not reach the offices of a company? We will prove you wrong!

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a service that turns written material (text) into voice using synthetic voice (speech). And it helps everyone in terms of productivity. Employees may choose how they interact with textual content, which can promote work in a comfortable way for them.

TTS makes written content more accessible, aids in information comprehension and retention, magnifies literacy faults for effective proofreading, improves attention, and provides a break for tired eyes. Therefore, it is easy for everyone in the team to get information, comprehend assignments, and finish work.

Text-To-Speech To Improve Productivity In The Office

In other words, text-to-speech can enhance multitasking among your business stuff. For example, it can assist you in listening to your emails or reading out loud your work pdfs while you focus on other things. Hence, text to speech technology can improve productivity in the office. You can check these benefits out with the following tool:


Woord‘s AI synthetic sounds can imitate natural-sounding human speech in high-quality audio. For that reason, its software enfolds 50 diverse male, female and gendered-neutral– voices across 28 languages, including some dialects. As a result, you can enjoy different varieties of English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc., without trouble.

Text-To-Speech To Improve Productivity In The Office

However, those (language, accent and gender) are not the only functionalities this service encloses. Woord comes with advanced audio options that will let you customise the “read aloud” at will. On the one hand, you can manage voice speed and device profile. On the other hand, you count on an SSML editor that can add traits such as emphasis, whispers, breaks and phonemes. If these settings don’t satisfy your ears, nothing will!

Moreover, Woord supports many file formats for your productivity to know no limits: pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, ppt(x), ods, non-DRM epub, jpeg and png (because it includes OCR technology to read your images). Thus, you can transform any text-based material to achieve your job’s choirs faster.

Did you find TTS an interesting asset for your employees’ productivity in the office? Let us know in the comments!

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