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The Best IP Geolocation API With Enterprise Plans In 2023

These days, any type of company needs to know its users or customers well, or at least in the best possible way, and thanks to tools like the ones we develop, this is becoming easier. 

Today we present the Best IP Geolocation API: ipXapi, our star tool to be able to access information such as where all the users who access your website connect from.

This information that you obtain through our ipXapi can be very useful if you want to develop campaigns to reach more users or if you want to segment your audience by specific areas.

If you have a news website, you are surely familiar with the concept of geo-blocking to be able to choose from which regions your users can access your website, ipXapi is perfect for that.

Benefits of geolocation IP for e-commerce

Segment the customer base

With the use of geolocation IP plugins, e-commerce businesses may better segment and market to their customer base. E-commerce statistics show that an increasing number of countries are making purchases of goods and services online, providing a chance to categorize and cater to the demands of each country.

For instance, a sizable online retailer can now create unique content for each country they serve and build website content for a global customer.

For instance, a visitor from the US to the company’s e-commerce website will see a different version of the website than a visitor from the UK.

You won’t regret it at all if you test our incredible ipXapi.

Businesses can benefit from web services like ipXapi, which offers geolocation services, in a variety of ways. By quickly and easily integrating the ipXapi into your program or website, you can gain access to a great number of additional benefits.

What about the API’s pricing?

Do you think that the ipXapi is quite pricey?

Our ipXapi has four distinct plans to meet any of your (or your company’s) requirements.

The first is the non-cost plan, which includes 100 Requests per Month.

The Basic plan, which has 1000 Requests per Month is $29.99.

Following that is the Pro plan, which includes 10,000 Requests per Month is $49.99.

And finally the Pro Plus plan with 100,000 Requests monthly for $99.99.

It’s important to remember that nothing long-term is committed. Your ipXapi plan can be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled with a single click.

But, as if these three incredible plans weren’t enough, we now have a new Premium plan which includes 500,000 Requests per Month for $299.99 for the changing needs of your business.

We put a lot of effort into being able to provide this additional choice to people who need it most because we are aware that needs are constantly changing and being added to or taken from.

We hope we have convinced you to give our ipXapi a chance and that you and your company start to make a name for yourself on the internet using this type of tools that until a couple of years ago were even difficult to imagine.

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