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The Best Xignite Alternative for Gold Prices

Read this article to learn about the best alternative to Xgnite and get updated gold prices for free!

The Best Xignite Alternative for Gold Prices

About This Metal

Gold is one of the most well-known precious metals in the world. It is identified in the periodic table of chemical elements with the symbol ‘Au’. It is a little reactive element, chemically classified among the ‘transition metals’. Also, it’s a metal present in the earth’s crust but in small quantities, with a yellowish and shiny hue, and which manages to be preserved without changing thanks to chemical reagents.

Throughout the history of humanity, gold has always played an important role, since it was (and still is) a symbol of wealth, power, glory, and triumph. Because of this, it has been used for trophies, jewelry, national emblems, or to support the different currencies of the countries, whose value was initially measured according to the gold reserves of the Central Bank of that country.

What Is An API For?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. What does it imply? It is software that connects and transfers data between two or more devices. It’s common in online banking and social networking services.

There are several APIs available on the internet that give metal information; nevertheless, collecting excellent rate data may be difficult. Regrettably, not all of them send rates in tonnes. Metals-API is a good source for gold rates in tonnes.

About Xignite

The Xignite market data cloud powers mission-critical applications for financial services front, middle, and back office, financial websites, investor relations, corporate ERP and BI, e-commerce, and mobile for over 900 clients in 47 countries. It is one of the most often used APIs for precious metals rates, which are exchanged in real time.

With all of this in mind, you should now have a better understanding of Xignite. So, if you want to discover a solid alternative to it, we offer you the best alternative possible for free!

Why Metals-API?

Metals-API is a piece of software that gives reliable and up-to-date information on any precious metal in any currency. The free plan’s data is refreshed every hour and has a two-decimal point accuracy. In this case, you will also receive 50 API calls every month. When you buy an annual package, you will get more API calls and data per minute.

Every minute, our platform pulls data from over 15 credible data sources. Banks and financial data providers are among them. As a result, you will receive incredibly precise pricing. offers current market prices for precious metals such as gold, silver, aluminum, platinum, and palladium.

The Best Xignite Alternative for Gold Prices


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