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The Most Accurate Content Classification API Worldwide In 2023

Is it hard to find a corporation’s data? Are you looking for a tool that will find it all and also classify it into categories for you? Then you just come to the right place. Klazify API is a worldwide known system that will provide you with all the public information existent of whatever firm, website or service that you wanted to look up.

If you have a new industry and want to check the competition, this is your solution. If you are searching the market to see if no one is providing your service, or maybe you just want to scan through the competition. Whatever it is that you are looking for, you will find it with this content classifier. All the time that you might have to spend looking through millions of documents or websites to find any data will be saved and able to be put to use for something else. Not only will you receive all the information you wanted, all categorized, but it will be provided based on the three pillars this data classifier API has. Those pillars are accurate data and its classification, a trusted public standard, and logos at your fingertips.

The Most Accurate Content Classification API Worldwide In 2023
With Klazify API forget about spending days searching for other brand’s information.

Why is it worldwide known?

As mentioned before, this categorizing system is the most accurate tool worldwide. This API achieved all its greatness because of four special features. These are that it has Available Category Structures, that it has a Social Media Links Scraper, that it can Extract Logos on the Fly, and that it has Smart Categorization Technology. The first feature offers you three top-level category structures to choose from. The second one gets you a list of links to all the social media channels of a domain/email/URL. The third one gets any brand’s up-to-date logo. And finally, the fourth feature uses a machine learning (ML) engine to scan a website’s content and meta tags.

What else is there to know about this API?

There are a few more things you should know about this smart categorization API. You can find out how it works, the pricing, and support information if you just keep reading.

How to use it

First of all, you have to sign up to Klazify API and receive an access key. This special and unique key will grant you access to any of the offered endpoints. You can choose between three different endpoints to use. The domain one, the URL one, and the email one. They all provide you with a fast and easy service. Depending on which endpoint you decide to use the process will depend but the base is all the same. You only have to pass the domain, URL or email and that would be all. Therefore, any piece of data that you need will be served to you.

Subscriptions and more!

This great content classifier will provide you with amazing and various services. Another reason this API is worldwide known is because of how affordable it is. Klazify API gives you access to fast and reliable information. The prices are in USD and the billing cycle will start the day you begging your subscription to any plan offered. This classifying API is also incredibly secure. The payment system uses the latest security technology. It gets its power by Stripe, one of the world’s most reliable payment companies.

The Most Accurate Content Classification API Worldwide In 2023
Klazify API‘s page

If you have questions about prices or any other thing related to this data classifier, check Klazify API‘s page. You can access it easily by clicking the Klazify tabs through the article or images. Whether you have questions about this particular API or any other of our services, just ask us! You can talk with us in our chatting room between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (GMT+1) or simply email us at [email protected].

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