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The Soaring Metal Prices During War: Check Out With an API

Check out the soaring metal prices during the war and do it with the use of an API!

Nowaday’s Situation of Metals

Metals are natural substances and the oldest materials used by human societies. The world has grown very much in the last 100 years thanks to metals, and their importance is still increasing. Most of the remarkable discoveries, inventions, and social changes in recent centuries have been driven and enabled by developments in metals technology.

Precious metals have historically been used as a way of purchasing goods and services. In times of war, their value can increase dramatically due to a growing demand for jewelry and other precious metal products. Precious metals are used in the economy and as financial instruments and changes in demand for these items can significantly impact their value.

Precious Metals Prices & APIs

Once you heard about the importance of the metal market in the world, you should be aware that there are several APIs for precious metals rates that you may use.

Even though there are many APIs available nowadays, not all of them function well. As a result, you should be cautious about which one you select to avoid wasting time and money.

To assist you, we have compiled the best alternative possible. In this particular instance, we suggest you to try out Metals-API for free!

How To Get An API?

API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. What does it mean? It is software that links and transfers data between two or more devices. Many companies use it to show different types of information to their users.

There are various APIs accessible on the internet that provide metals information; nevertheless, obtaining good rate data may be problematic. Not all of them send rates in troy ounces. For palladium rates in troy ounces, we recommend Metals-API.

About Metals-API

Metals-API is a simple API that provides data on a wide range of metals, from copper to gold to palladium to HRC steel. You may also track the value of these metals in over 170 coins, like USD, EUR, and BTC. It gathers information from reliable banks and financial institutions. Furthermore, both small and major organizations, such as the multinational Barrick Gold, use it.

This API provides real-time precious metals data with a two decimal point precision and a periodicity of up to 60 seconds. You may analyze values over time and determine the optimal time to invest by using current and historical prices. For this aim, metals-API is also used to detect fluctuation data.

Features & Benefits:

  • API for real-timehistorical, and tick-by-tick periodicity
  • Real-time precious metals prices API for Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum
  • Real-time metals price API for base metals and platinum group metals
  • Intraday and historical charts AP
  • Historical spot and future prices for Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum
  • Access institutional quality real-time precious metal prices through an easy-to-use API using a trusted Gold and Silver pricing API used by hundreds of companies in the industry.
  • Easily include real-time Gold and other metals prices in your spreadsheets, websites, mobile apps, and other business applications.
  • Reduce the time it takes for apps that rely on precious metal prices to reach the market.
  • Using cloud APIs, you may get rid of the aches and complexities of legacy feeds.


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