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This startup brings something new to the electronic market

The Düsseldorf startup Livello has been working on its snack bar since 2016. However, the Foodtech company has great competition.

“We are the Amazon Go in the box”, founder Alexander Eissing describes his product. His startup Livello has developed a smart refrigerator to serve as a canteen substitute in offices. Users open the device by holding their loyalty card, credit card, or mobile phone with an Apple Pay or Google Wallet interface.

A sensor in the fridge then detects which wrap, yogurt or juice the customer is taking and charges the costs.

Eissing founded his startup in May 2016. A few months later he put the first prototype into operation. Currently there is still a test phase. As of February 2019, just under 60 machines from the Düsseldorf-based company will be in use, according to the 34-year-old founder. The Livello refrigerator costs a maximum of 500 euros per month including service. Storage and delivery has been outsourced by the start-up company to external partners. They re-stock the refrigerators up to four times a week and distribute the old food on the board.

Livello wants to be profitable by the end of 2019. The 12-person team relies mainly on the sale of white label solutions for its high-tech refrigerator, which Livello Catering and other tech companies want to offer. Around 400 pre-orders have already been received for the technology. In addition to the purchase or lease price, the startup also receives a monthly license fee for this.

So far, the founder of Düsseldorf has financed his startup himself. Two investors joined Livello in December. Who and with what amount, does not reveal Eissing. The share change is not yet registered in the commercial register.

A similar offer as Livello is made by the big startups HelloFresh and Everdine. The Berlin Kochboxenversender HelloFresh has brought its refrigerators a year ago on the market and installed according to own statements so far devices in three-digit height. Everdine, a British company, changed its business model in November and focused on the market with lunch refrigerators.

Before, Everdine had delivered frozen foods. The market is still developing very slowly, especially the logistics represent a difficulty. According to Eissing worth a new camp only if there are at least ten customers in the region.

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