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Top 3 Alternatives For IP Geolocation API

Are you looking for the best IP geolocation APIs? Then this article is definitely for you.

IP geolocation is the technique used to map a certain IP address to a geographic location from which the device connects to the internet. Individuals or organizations can use this technology to determine or estimate the real-world location of a device used to connect to the internet.

When developing an application that requires access to the specific client location, the Geolocation API comes in useful. You may utilize location services for a variety of purposes, like providing a customized experience for your clients or developing an application that requires real-time location access.

Top 3 Alternatives For IP Geolocation API

The Geolocation API is a built-in API that allows you to obtain the location of a client’s device. Most modern desktop browser versions fully support this functionality, although the same cannot be said for their mobile counterparts. As a result, if some browsers do not currently have complete native support for this API, you must offer a fallback alternative.

Because of this, we put together three of the best IP geolocation API available at the moment to help you save time and money. These are:

1. ipXapi

Top 3 Alternatives For IP Geolocation API

ipXapi is a fantastic and effective utility that assists with geolocation and IP address identification. It is free software for tracking website visits and is compatible with JSON, PHP, and Python.

It supports over 2 million distinct locations in over 200.000 cities globally. This website delivers a high level of accuracy in IP statistics due to its database and API. It is linked to a number of well-known ISPs, which often give information on new and current IP ranges. Because ipXapi is connected to a plethora of channels that offer real-time IP data, the API’s database is constantly updated, with up to 24 database modifications each day.

2. Ipify

Top 3 Alternatives For IP Geolocation API

Ipify is a basic public IP address API with no constraints that works flawlessly regardless of the technology you’re using. This open-source API supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and the best part is that no visitor data is stored in the system.

It is constantly up and available, and its infrastructure is powered by Heroku, which means that even if the server hosting the API fails, or if a massive tornado destroys half of the east coast, Ipify will continue to function. 

3. Ipregistry

Top 3 Alternatives For IP Geolocation API

Ipregistry maintains a wonderful blend of price and sophisticated functionality with a pay-as-you-go payment option. Because its API in JSON and XML forms is very scalable, you may simply integrate it without worrying about making too many queries.

The reputation of IPregistry is based on its enterprise-grade API for IP Geolocation and Threat Intelligence. Its infrastructure is located in many data centers across the world, and it handles millions of requests every day. If you anticipate an increase in the number of requests, this platform can easily handle it.

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