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Top 3 API Tools To Get The IP Region Code Available On The Web

Are you looking for a means to retrieve your customer’s region code? Continue reading to learn about the finest IP geolocation APIs on the market.

Each internet-connected device is given a unique IP address, also known as an internet protocol address. An IP address can be assigned to any internet-connected device, such as a computer, modem, printer, or router, allowing it to communicate with other devices on a computer network, whether internal or external.

You can use an IP address to figure out where your traffic is originating from and, as a result, increase the efficiency of your organization. For example, geolocation will enable you to segment your consumers depending on their location and develop high-quality content to attract new customers.

This technology will allow you to obtain data in real time, eliminating the need to ask the customer for it. On the other side, if you know your customers’ region codes, you’ll be able to attract new customers from all over the world. To get an exact geographical location for your visitors, enter their IP addresses into an Application Programming Interface (API).

Top 3 API Tools To Get The IP Region Code Available On The Web

What is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a software interface that allows data to be transferred between programs. Also included are the terms of data transfer. A software intermediary is a program that allows two applications to talk to each other.

In addition, you’ll obtain real-time information about your visitors’ city, country, continent, area, time zone, currency, security, latitude, and longitude. Finding the correct API, on the other hand, might be challenging because not all APIs produce the same outcomes. As consequence, here are three of the best APIs in order to get the IP region code for your business: 

1- IpXapi

Top 3 API Tools To Get The IP Region Code Available On The Web

It provides really accurate information about where the device is geolocated. Also, the user can customize the experience based on IP addresses. The data used by this API is updated regularly. The databases have 24 updates per day. 

However ipXapi is integrated with multiple channels that provide real-time IP data. And its data is growing every day and currently supports more than 2 million unique locations. And in over 200,000 cities around the world.

2- Ipapi

Top 3 API Tools To Get The IP Region Code Available On The Web

Ipapi is an API cloud service allowing customers to automate IP address validation and geolocation lookup in websites, applications, and back-office systems. The API is capable of determining a total of 47 unique data points for each processed IP address, including extensive information. About the location, connection, ISP, currency, time zone, and security attached to a given IP address. Ipapi is a product built and maintained by a player, a software company based in London, United Kingdom, and Vienna, Austria. player is the company behind popular API and SaaS products worldwide, including the mailbox later API, invoice and version.

The ipapi service is popular among businesses and developers worldwide and is used by more than 30.000 companies from all around the world. To learn more about the API, you can get a free API access key.

3- IpGeolocation

Top 3 API Tools To Get The IP Region Code Available On The Web

The database is 99% accurate in the country level and around 75% accurate at city level. The database can be downloaded. The accuracy for mobile networks is lower than that of wired networks. 

Databases are available in plain CSV files which are broken down into multiple relational files so that importing them to SQL databases or reading them directly in different programming languages is simple and straightforward. The data is updated a lot of times in a week.

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