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Top 3 APIs to get data from Vancouver Airport

Read this article to learn about modern airport logistics, and why Flight Data API s are critical in the travel industry.

Vancouver International Airport is located in Richmond, British Columbia. It is the second busiest airport in Canada, after Toronto Airport. It is also one of the few Canadian airports that can handle U.S. customs and immigration services. Vancouver Airport is managed by Transport Canada.

Vancouver International Airport is said to be a transatlantic airport as it has more flights to China than other airports in North America and Europe. The airport has won several awards for excellence, including the Skytrax award for best airport in North America for a record 12 years in a row.

Airports with high passenger traffic have become major generators of income, not only from flights but also from consumption in their facilities. Gradually, food, clothing, electronics, and even small aparts have appeared in the facilities for travelers with long waiting times on their connections. 

Today, commercial revenues at major airports account for almost 30% of total revenues. Obviously, this varies according to seasons and passenger flows. Airports handle huge amounts of passengers on a daily basis, and that implies logistics that would be unthinkable without the use of digital platforms that have at hand the updated information of flights, arrivals, and departures. This can be done thanks to Flight Data APIs.

Why Are Flight Data APIs Essential For The Travel Industry?

The travel industry needs to handle large amounts of flight data on a daily basis in order to function in an orderly fashion. In addition, a lot of information is constantly changing, e.g. flight status or luggage location. So how do platforms and websites keep up to date with this information? Flight data APIs are digital tools that work integrated into the platforms and provide them with all this information. 

If you have a tourism-related business you know that real-time and reliable information is key to its success. There are multiple offers on the market, but we are going to suggest you the ones that stand out for their unique features.

The 3 best APIs To Obtain Airport Data

1. FlightLabs 
FlightLabs is out of this world. This API brings together all the desirable attributes you are looking for. Massive database with data from over 250 countries and 13,000 airlines. Unbeatable response time. Supports almost all programming languages. Even allows access to historical flight data. No wonder it is so widely used.

2. AirLabs
This API allows you to monitor individual flights and display this information. It can be used to display it on a map, as is often broadcast on airline websites and in-flight TV. It has access to particular information such as coordinates, speed, direction, and other useful data. 

3. Flight API
This API has a particular business-oriented profile. It mainly provides updated prices from major ticket sellers. It also provides flight coordinates, altitude, and speed, among others. This API has a number of unlimited calls for you to test.

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