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Top 3 Best APIs To Get Copper Rates

Are you interested in looking up copper prices? Did you know that you could check the prices of different metals through an API? Read this post to stay informed.

Copper is a metal with a reddish tint and a brilliant appearance. It is one of the most extensively used metals owing to its excellent electrical conductivity, which allows it to be employed in the creation of electronic and electrical components, as well as cables. It’s made of a reddish metal.

A leaching procedure is used on oxidized copper, which involves spraying the material with water and sulfuric acid. As a result, a solution with a high concentration of this metal can be exposed to electrical energy. As a result, the copper particles reach the cathodes, where the metal concentration reaches 99.99 percent.

Top 3 Best APIs To Get Copper Rates

Chile, Peru, China, and the United States are the countries that produce the most copper. In actuality, Chilean copper production in 2021 was 5.7 million metric tons. It was therefore the world’s leading producer of this mineral, with 2.2 million tons, followed by Peru and China with 1.7 million tons each. In recent years, global copper output has increased significantly. In particular, since 2016, 20 million tons per year have been achieved, which is approximately 25% more than the quantity recorded at the beginning of 2000.

Due to this increase in copper production, metal experts in the stock market became interested in investing in this product. If you are also interested in starting to invest in copper, check out these three platforms with APIs that keep you up to date with monetization on the exchange.


Metals-API is a small and simple API that provides current and historical precious metals rates. The Metals-API API can supply real-time precious metals data through API with a 2 decimal point precision and a frequency of every 60 seconds.

Top 3 Best APIs To Get Copper Rates

Metals-API is developed on top of a robust back-end architecture that provides high availability and response speeds for particular API queries of less than 50 milliseconds. The site it´s one of the most recommended site for delivering Precious Metals exchange rates, converting single currencies, and providing Time-Series and Fluctuation data are all capabilities.


Top 3 Best APIs To Get Copper Rates

Kitco was founded in 1995 as a precious metals price tracker and bullion merchant, delivering best-in-class news, statistics, and information. According to statistics, millions of individuals visit every day. Kitco has a global reach, with millions of people accessing our content via our websites, applications, and social media platforms.


Top 3 Best APIs To Get Copper Rates

Xignite is a site that started in 2000 and seeks to provide financial data or market data. A close connection is made with the vision and technology of digital transformation in financial services, but without fully relying on them and their outdated local infrastructure. In addition to the fact that the site will allow you to solve problems for these financial entities with the new technology. Applications on this platform will move to the cloud to take advantage of cost savings and time-to-market benefits.


Top 3 Best APIs To Get Copper Rates

Gold-API is a website that has been operating since 1968. It is used to obtain prices and data on precious metals in different grams and carats in real time. The website has the characteristic of having a minimalist style. You have the option to have all currencies. Its use does not require cards, and it has two types of plans: the free one and the paid plan for 50 dollars a month.

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