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Top 3 Bulk Email Marketing Tools For 2022

Are you looking for an email service provider that can handle the volume of emails you’ll be sending? Here are three options to check out!

Nowadays, no company can afford to ignore marketing. Obtaining and maintaining customers requires sending promotional messages to multiple individuals. Thus, despite the availability of several communication channels, email marketing remains the most popular digital marketing approach.

A bulk email service allows you to send emails to many people at once. These emails are commonly used for advertising, marketing initiatives and sending out updates to your email list. Newsletters, promotional emails, transactional emails, shipment notices, and reports are some of the contents usually sent.

Top 3 Bulk Email Marketing Tools For 2022

Therefore, bulk emailing is essential to reach the audience and connect with your mailing list in general. But you don’t want to merely send emails without being able to track how well they function, do you? That’s why we’ve compiled this list of top bulk email marketing tools.


Top 3 Bulk Email Marketing Tools For 2022

 With Postr, you pay for the number of emails you send. Not a penny more. And that’s enough for this AI-driven software to allow you complete control over email designs, even when your material revolves around adult content, cannabis, betting, etc.

Built on the idea that customisation increases conversions, Postr can increase open rates up to 70%. With opportunities to upgrade, the service allows you to send up to 20,000 emails every month to the first 200 subscribers –online, easily and for free.


Top 3 Bulk Email Marketing Tools For 2022

Sendinblue is excellent in terms of scalability. It helps with campaign development and optimisation by offering all the tools a company needs to develop, convert, and sell, such as automation, performance analytics, and subscriber management.

If you want to test out this software’s features, Sendinblue provides a free tier. Nonetheless, it caps the number of emails sent every day at 300. Once you need to deliver more –and feel satisfied with the platform– you can turn to the premium alternatives available.


Top 3 Bulk Email Marketing Tools For 2022

One of the most widely used bulk email marketing providers is Mailchimp. It includes marketing tools, a bulk email verifier, and custom domains to boost sales. So you can build and distribute social adverts, emails, landing sites, and even postcards with no worries.

Also, Mailchimp has behavioural targeting and projected demographics capabilities, subject line assistance, real-time marketing automation, and A/B testing. Overall, you can contact the right individuals at the right time from one place to achieve your goals.

Have you discovered the best option for your business? Tell us about it!

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