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Best Text To Speech Tools For Panopto Videos

Do you need a clear voice to explain your Panopto videos? We bring you a solution!

Due to the pandemic, many institutions counted on Panopto. The platform offers the ability to share institutional information using simple, comprehensive, and well-liked solutions. It tailored everything for learning settings, from video creation to sharing and viewing. Every day, colleges and businesses rely on Panopto’s market-leading solutions.

Consequently, if you want to impart knowledge through this medium, you must communicate your message clearly, leaving no doubt about the content’s meaning. That’s why we believe text-to-speech (TTS) tools can be practical. They utilise speech synthesis to turn texts into human-sounding audio.

Best Text To Speech Tools For Panopto Videos

In case you want to give TTS technology a try, we will recommend great text to speech tools you can use to voiceover your Panopto videos. We are sure you will find the best narrator for your projects with –at least one of– them.


Best Text To Speech Tools For Panopto Videos

Woord provides realistic synthetic sounds that resemble natural human speech. The service supports multiple languages and accents. So you can enjoy dialects like Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French Canadian. And you may do it with different male, female and gendered-neutral voices. 

Additionally, you have greater control over the audio. Woord enfolds advanced settings that manage the audible attributes (speed, device profile, tone, etc.), such as the SSML editor. You can take advantage of these and other features (OCR, MP3, browser plugin) for free. Sign up to receive a monthly limit of two audios and 20,000 characters.


Best Text To Speech Tools For Panopto Videos

NaturalReader is a service oriented to aid impairments and learning. That’s why it can be a fantastic tool for Panopto videos. This easy-to-use software can read aloud any text to you. Plus, you can adjust the speakers, speed, volume and other parameters at will.

NaturalReader‘s free plan allows you unlimited usage of free voices, 20 minutes per day of premium voices, a Chrome plugin with unlimited free spokespeople, and a pronunciation editor.

Text-To-Speech Tool

Best Text To Speech Tools For Panopto Videos

If you have a long script, Text-To-Speech Tool might help. It leads you straight to the internet interface without mentioning prices and character restrictions for your text. And it does it when the software generates good-quality outcomes.

Powered by Amazon Polly and Microsoft TTS, Text-To-Speech Tool offers 18 languages, each with its own voices. It even comes with a few elements (volume, rate, and pitch) to arrange your speaker. And the option to download the output as an MP3 file.

Which do you consider to be the best TTS for your Panopto videos? Leave your answer in the comments!

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