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Top 3 Free IP Geocoding APIs in 2022

If you’re looking for free IP geolocation APIs, you’ve come to the right place. As a result, I’ll show you how to find the optimal IP address for determining the precise geolocation of your website users.

Location-based services are playing a crucial role in our digital life. Most service providers must know where their customers are coming from to tailor their offerings and maintain security-related measures.

At the other end, most consumers use location-aware devices nowadays, such as GPS-powered mobile devices, and often ‘know’ their current location with great precision. Therefore, the most accurate way service providers can retrieve their customers’ current location is by actively asking them to share it.

This method requires consent, but if granted, the precise GPS accuracy level coordinates can be obtained using the browser’s HTML5 geolocation or devices’ location services, and then sent back to the service provider. Using the best IP geolocation API service, it can convert the coordinates to a meaningful form, such as Country/State/City/Postcode.

Top 3 Free IP Geocoding APIs in 2022

You can use it to develop successful content personalisation and ad targeting for a specific visitor across several platforms. Furthermore, this system provides information on the security system, which is why many developers regard it as a valuable tool.

This technology was chosen because it allows you to acquire precise geolocation information from your visitors via their IP location API . The benefit of using it is that it does not necessitate user input. It can provide real-time information about a city, code, country, zip code, state, continent, latitude, time zone, and longitude based on regional, international, and local location.

Besides, this technology is chosen due to the fact that you will obtain exact geolocation from your visitors by IP address API. The advantage of using it is that does not demand interaction with the user. It’s able to provide details about the city, code, country, zip, state, continent, latitude, time zone, longitude in real-time which is based on regional, international, and local location. 

Because of all of these factors, the most extensively used IP geolocation API by 2022 will be:


Top 3 Free IP Geocoding APIs in 2022

ipXapi is a free service that uses an IP address to acquire a variety of localization data that may be used to set geographic boundaries on your site, improve ad targeting, and deliver personalized user experiences based on their location.

You will also have access to 10.000 free requests per month. However, if you want more, you can go to the website, where you can find a variety of plans. It also comes in JSON, Python, and PHP Curl formats.

IP2 Location

Top 3 Free IP Geocoding APIs in 2022

By employing an IP address, users can determine nation, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP, domain name, timezone, connection speed, IDD code, area code, weather station code, weather station name, MCC, MNC, mobile brand name, elevation, and usage kind.

Top 3 Free IP Geocoding APIs in 2022

With Iphowhois, you can filter traffic in real-time, customise content based on a visitor’s location, display whole nation names, and more. Use JSON, XML, or CSV as well. This software supports the following languages: English, Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. It provides a free plan with 10,000 monthly requests.

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