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Top 3 IP Geolocation APIs For Personal And Enterprise Use

A geolocated object is one that has its geographic location identified or designated, such as a mobile phone, radar source, or internet-connected computer. The process of mapping a specific IP address to the location from which a device connects to the internet might be classified in this regard as IP geolocation. Through the use of this technology, people or organizations can determine or make an educated guess as to the precise position of a device that you are using to access the internet. This method gives your device’s location information, including the nation, state, city, latitude, longitude, zip code, and, if it is quality is high, the street. So, keep reading Top 3 IP Geolocation APIs For Personal And Enterprise Use, we will tell you about the best options.

If your online business depends on the user’s location, you should consider taking advantage of the Geolocation API to deliver your products, services, news, and notifications. Technically, there are two possible ways to use the geolocation IP.

Geo IP Database: You buy an IP database and host it on your server and query your application. The problem with using the IP database is that you have to update it; otherwise, regularly, you will not have updated IP location information.
Geo API – You don’t need to worry about maintaining and updating it regularly. Consult the API within your application to retrieve the necessary IP information. You pay for what you use.

1. IpXapi: The Best IP Geolocation APIs For Personal And Enterprise Use

IpXapi is an inexpensive website monitoring application that also serves as a sophisticated geolocation and IP address identification tool. Because of its database and API, this service provides a high level of accuracy in IP statistics. It is linked to a number of well-known ISPs, who provide regular updates on new and current IP ranges. Because ipXapi is linked to several channels that provide real-time IP data; the API’s database updates daily, with up to 24 database modifications per day.

The software supports both IPv4 and IPv6, and it gives IP data such as ping response time and location, device type and connection speed, hostname resolution, DNS control, IP network access details, SSL certificate information, WHOIS name server search, and many more features.

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2. IP Geolocation API by WhoisXML API


IP Geolocation API allows users to collect IP location data enabling various use cases including web experience personalization, fraud prevention, ensuring compliance, digital rights management, and blocking access based on location, among others.

The API is powered by a massive IP geolocation database that covers more than 12.9 million IP network blocks for 99.5% of IP addresses in use, more than 230000 215000 locations and XNUMX XNUMX ISPs.

For an IPv4 or IPv6 address, domain name, or email, the IP Geolocation API retrieves:

IP geolocation details: country, region, city, postal code, latitude and longitude, time zone
Geographic Names ID: Location ID in the GeoNames database
ISP: Internet Service Provider
As details: Standalone System number, Standalone System name, Standalone System path, Standalone System website URL
ASN type: “Cable/DSL/ISP”, “Content”, “Education/Research”, “Business”, “Non-Profit”, “Undisclosed”, “NSP” or “Route Server”
Associated Domains: array of domains associated with the IP
Connection type: “Modem”, “Mobile”, “Broadband” or “Business”

Besides, using various programming languages, developers can incorporate the API as a building component for already-existing applications and systems. Splunk platform integration is currently possible. Client libraries for PHP, Node.js, Python, Flask, Express.js, and Go are also available to users. When creating a developer account, the first 1,000 calls to the IP geolocation API are complimentary.

3. ipify

ipify logo

A simple public IP address with no limits, Ipify works perfectly regardless of the technology you are using. You can use both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with this open source API, and the best part is that none of the visitor data logs into the system.

You can be sure that Ipify will keep working no matter the season. Even if one of the most disastrous tornadoes hits, you can sit back, knowing your service won’t be interrupted. It’s also important to mention that Randall Degges funds this service, so there’s literally no concern that they’ll disappear in a flash of light.

Ipify is here to stay and you should make the most of it.

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