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Top 3 Online Disposable Email APIs in 2022

Are you looking for the best temporary email tool available in the market? If that is the case, then this article is for you, because here we will introduce you to the top 3 online disposable email APIs in 2022!

Disposable email APIs are proved to be more than handy for anyone that spends a considerable time on Internet. Nowadays, counting with only one email account could lead to a full and disorganized inbox, as it can be clogged with verification emails and spam.

So, instead of setting up new accounts in the traditional services as Gmail, that usually require your personal details, as your photo or a phone number, you can turn to disposable email APIs. These platforms are prepared to help you to create new email addresses with no identity verification. 

Top 3 Online Disposable Email APIs in 2022

These email addresses generators will also provide you storage space to receive and read any messages you want. Besides, you can also use them to create social media accounts or even enjoy without limit free plans of platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Music.

Temporary email APIs were designed mostly to help developers optimize their time and work, as they usually need to make some email verification before products are launched to the market. Nevertheless, these tools can be very handy for anyone that want to avoid spam or can not tolerate junk mail. 

So, in order to help you find the best throwaway email API, we have done a little research and find the best one available in the market in 2022. Here we will present them for you, so you can try them and see which of them suits your need better. 

Top 3 Online Disposable Email APIs in 2022

1. Mailet

Mailet is the best email generator available nowadays. It enables you to create new email addresses that will expire in a certain time using its domain names. Most importantly, it allows you to check for its incoming messages from its UI or API and redirect them to any account you want, so by using it you can ensure to keep your main inbox free of spam or verification mails.

 Besides, its free plan allows you to keep your incoming messages up to 3 days, with possibility to upgrade to unlimited space as well as email addresses you can have at the same time. We highly recommend it to anyone who values security and efficiency.

Top 3 Online Disposable Email APIs in 2022

2. 10 Minute Mail

This platform allows you to create an email address that will expire within 10 minutes. Is it usually used by those who need to set up an account on a service that require an email address to set up and send email verification to. Although the expiry time is very short, you can still check the mails received in the account you have created.

Top 3 Online Disposable Email APIs in 2022

3. ProtonMail

It’s a powerful Swiss temporary email program that’s known for its data security and end-to-end encryption. This way, you can ensure that nobody will access to the inbox of the temporary email address you create. Thus, it can be used on any device without software install, so it turns to be very handy and user-friendly.

This is the top 3 of disposable email APIs you can use whenever you need to. Star trying them now for free and enjoy all their benefits!

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