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How do Copywriters use AI (artificial intelligence)?

Did you know that this AI is available? Are you aware that you can help yourself to create content with it? In the following article, we’ll give clues to make your work easy as a Copywriter!

Maybe you have been a long time working as a copywriter. Or you found another job, but you want to keep writing articles because you can manage your schedule. Anyway, at the end of the day, you don’t have many ideas, and you could use some extra help.

In recent years, a chance to delegate some tasks has come with artificial intelligence. The company from the richest man in the world designed an algorithm that works as an automatic text creator. A self-sufficient tool that takes the most relevant ideas that you want to include in a text and produces something new. Generally, they’re so accurate that the result looks like done by a human being. Also, they respect all writing standards regarding grammar and web publishing too.

Probably, one point to highlight is the speed of these tools. Normally, all of them deliver an answer in seconds with the necessary correctness. In that way, you won’t have to worry about correcting everything, though it’s always recommendable to read the result. Sometimes, very few times, it can fail. Most of all, if it’s a new service. In any case, we believe this is a great alternative for daily writing, and also it’s a good source of creativity to build different sentences with proper quality.

How do Copywriters use AI (artificial intelligence)?

Copywriters can use AI with Plaraphy

Here we find a complete team for text redaction: a rewriting feature, and a paraphraser with the possibility of choosing the tone of the paraphrase: creative, standard, fluency and formal. Also, you’ll see sentiment analysis to decode the writer’s feelings, it’s important to clarify that not many writing APIs have this particular feature. Though many companies buy that kind of service, not all web tools for redaction have it.

Plus, if you need to sum up articles or other text genres, you’ll find a text summarizer. Without exaggerating its qualities, it’s an all in one as much as handy and fast. Besides, there are alternatives and scales of utilization. Below, we’ll describe some of them.

How do Copywriters use AI (artificial intelligence)?

Different plans for Copywriters to start using an AI tool

On this company’s website:, you can find all the options to start with this API, also a web tool. The menu includes a free account that you can create immediately with two hundred characters to use. Additionally, there is an enterprise plan with unlimited calls if your work needs it. But if you’re only looking for something for yourself, there are two possible paid subscriptions to deem. The Ultra and the Pro packs have a thousand characters, and the first has a hundred thousand API calls to make. If you don’t need that number, you can opt for the professional alternative with ten thousand chances of requesting whatever you need between the Plaraphy’s services.

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