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Top 3 Alternatives & Competitors In 2022

Are you curious about’s alternatives & competitors in 2022? Discover them in this article!‘s online AI Voice Generator can create realistic text to speech (TTS) audio. Its software uses Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft as providers to transform any text into natural-sounding speakers you may download as MP3 and WAV files.

You are free to enjoy multiple voices across over 60 languages and accents for voiceovers, increasing content accessibility and integrating real-time voice synthesis in your applications with an easy-to-use API.

Top 3 Alternatives & Competitors In 2022

However, other players in the market are increasing in users and are hot on the heels of this tool. For that reason, we will mention our Top 3 alternatives & competitors to check out this 2022.


Top 3 Alternatives & Competitors In 2022

Audio provides a richer experience by inadvertently captivating the listener with a constant stream of sound. That’s why Woord employs the power of artificial intelligence to enable users to turn blog posts, news, novels, research papers, and any other text material into speech. It accomplishes it with high-quality synthetic voices that imitate human-like natural-sounding speech.

Furthermore, it does not impose predetermined vocal styles. Woord has an SSML editor (along with other advanced audio settings) to let you create the spokespeople you need to succeed. You may choose among 50 voices in 28 languages, including different varieties of English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc. And you may download them in MP3 format or use the HTML embed audio player to listen to them.


Top 3 Alternatives & Competitors In 2022

LOVO Studio is a DIY AI voiceover platform with a growing library of 180 voices in 33 languages. It wows your audience with the most authentic human voices for every sort of content (IVR, videos, animation, and games, among others) to keep them loyal due to superior text to speech technology.

Customers and users, according to LOVO, are entitled to a human experience. As a result, every voice developed contains genuine human emotions, giving life to your text. As a result, you may stop utilising robotic speakers.

Top 3 Alternatives & Competitors In 2022

With a text-to-speech generator and real-time APIs, supercharges your AI voice to create immersive experiences for your company’s advertisements, assistants, dynamic IVR Agents, and more.

For example, offers four options for making synthetic voices, so you can always get what you need. Or you can take your voice recordings and sprinkle them with synthetic content for a seamless experience.

What do you say about these TTS alternatives? Do they encourage you to turn texts into audio for your personal or business’ projects this year?

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