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Top 4 APIs To Check Regional Fuel Prices In India In 2022

Fossil fuels such as Gas, Oil and Coal are some of the most important natural resources that are present in our daily life. They are used to produce energy. With them engines can be powered (such as your own car, airplanes, ships, among others) , electricity is produced and heat is created. Now, due to their high demand as they are globally used and demanded, their prices are a reflection of said demand. There are certain countries, such as the first world ones that are not so affected by their prices. But, on the other hand, the developing countries and their economies are very dependable on them and even a slight change in the price of these fuels can affect thousands of people. India, stands among the delicate countries. With a weak and vulnerable economy, the population must stay alert to any possible change in the prices of any area.

At the same time, the Asian country is one of the world’s biggest oil consumers. Fuels such as oil and natural gas (ONG) have a significant impact on the growth of the country’s economy. The Fuel’s industry in India is divided in three:

  • Upstream: exploration and production of fuels
  • Midstream: stowage and transportation of natural gas and crude oil
  • Downstream: fabrication and refining of fuels. Transportation and marketing of natural gas and crude oil are included here.
Top 4 APIs To Check Regional Fuel Prices In India In 2022

Try using APIs

As it is mentioned before, India’s economy is very fragile and with the fuel prices changing everyday, the scenario does not look good for the typical consumer nor the companies that work with fuels.

So, in order to not be shocked to the changes in the fuels prices, a solution is offered. The latest is called API, which stands by Application Programming Interface. This is a gadget that will assist you and help you to be prepared to face any type of changes in the fuel’s prices. Don’t worry, with over 4,000 cities in India its easy to get lost in the costs. Especially since each city has its own values.

There are four different APIs that you might find helpful:

Fuel Price Check API :

Top 4 APIs To Check Regional Fuel Prices In India In 2022

This API provided by SoftPayIndia allows you to take a look at the taxes applied in each city which are what eventually decide the fuel price there. What is very helpful about this API is the fact that you can include this API in your daily life by simply integrating it in a website you use or any mobile application. In addition, it has special security features in order to users know that their personal information won’t be leaked or spread in any ways.

Fuel Prices In India API

Top 4 APIs To Check Regional Fuel Prices In India In 2022

With prices being revised every day at 6 a.m you can be sure that you always have the latest prices. This API receives the ID of the city that you choose and proceeds to deliver the newest rates for Fuel, Diesel and CNG. If the prices are altered, or change, you will be notified with the difference too. At Zyla Labs you have no limitation rather tan the calls you perform per month. If you own a courier company, then this API is ideal since it will help you estimate how much you would spend in every city. Furthermore, you will be able to reccomend to your users the best fue price for them.

ProgrammableWeb API

Top 4 APIs To Check Regional Fuel Prices In India In 2022

This API provides you the latest fuel prices in the major Indian cities. So, if you do not have the need to know all the prices in the country and you just want to focus on the big cities, this API is ideal to you. Via Heroku App, you will have access to fetching fuel price, display cities and all the newest prices.

Fuel Prices API-India

Top 4 APIs To Check Regional Fuel Prices In India In 2022

Through Json api, you will have access to todays and yesterday’s Petrol and Diesel prices in the states capitals in India. You will also have access to a 7 day’s historical prices in each state. If you are not on a tight budget, you can pay and receive a price history of the last 30 to 90 days.

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