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Top API To Get Flight Data Of Xiamen Air

This article will focus on how to get flight data of Xiamen Air with an API This is perfect for you if you work with or close to the air industry.

Xiamen Air

Xiamen Air is a Chinese passenger airline based in Xiamen, Fujian Province. The airline flies scheduled passenger flights from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. It also flies from Beijing Daxing International Airport, Fuzhou Changle International Airport, and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, to a lesser extent.

Flight Data APIs

Flight data APIs will return any information from Xiamen Air. For instance, flight status, live flight status, schedules, IATA and ICAO codes, and more. These tools will keep you informed about any potential changes. As a result, you can share this information with your clients. Flight data APIs, obviously, will supply you with data from any airline. Yes, we are focusing on Xiamen but this also applies to other airlines. This is where Flightlabs comes in handy.


Flightlabs is an API that allows you to search for flights, airports, and airlines from all over the world. This API provides you with different types of data such as the current flight status (canceled, active, delayed, incident). It also allows you to search for flights on a certain date or filter by different parameters such as airports, airlines, IATA code, ICAO code, and flight number. 

Flightlabs has worldwide coverage, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the airport and destination of your interest. Thankfully, Flightlabs gives you a guarantee that you will be able to track almost anything you want whenever you want.

Due to its wide compatibility with all major programming languages, including PHP, Python, Node.js, jQuery, Go, and Ruby. Flightlabs is easy to integrate into nearly any app or platform. For maximum utility in any use case, requests return JSON, XML, or any geocode-specific GeoJSON files. The API is incredibly fast, typically responding to requests in 10 to 100 milliseconds.

Other Features

Flightlabs will not only provide flight data from airlines but also has some other advanced features. Such as:

JSONP Callbacks: Cross-domain rules can make it difficult to receive a response to your API request. Invoking JSONP callbacks will get around this problem by asking for an external script. In layman’s words, this is a tool you can use to get over hurdles that could stymie data transfer.

Autocomplete: This function is evoked by adding the “search” parameter to your request. Simply put, if you don’t know the exact term for a specific aircraft, airport, or anything else, you can ask Flightlabs and the Application Programming Interface will help you find what you are looking for. I know, it is incredible. If you want to get this API, just follow these steps:

  1. Create a FlightLabs account. Then select the endpoint that you require or you can insert the IATA Code or ICAO code of airports or airlines.
  2. Use these codes and then call the API. You can get a unique API key on your account dashboard.
  3. Finally, press the “run” button and you’re finished! The API will appear on your screen. You may also choose a programming language.

Now you are ready to take advantage of Flightlabs and all it has to offer!

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