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Try This API To Safe Your Web Application From Proxies In 2023

Do you want to make sure that users or bots that use proxies to mask their identity do not enter your websites? So let us tell you that this post is ideal for you; we are going to tell you about how using IpXapi; you can stop proxies that want to take advantage of your website!

By way of explanation, proxy servers allow us to hide our real IP and navigate through an intermediary. It is a type of tool widely used to browse anonymously and modify the location. We can say that it is a service, a system; or device, which is between our equipment and the destination we are trying to access.

In this way, if, for example, we want to enter a web page, this site does not receive our real IP address; but rather the address that corresponds to the proxy we are using. That is why it is very important to remember that their use usually brings with it problems that may affect privacy; and lead to information leaking, since the intermediary that masks our connection has full access to our data.

Even so, however, it is possible to detect when a connection is masked through a proxy, how?, using the services that IpXapi can provide; which allow you to identify the modifications made to a public IP in favor of protecting your website from unscrupulous users.

How Can An API Detect Proxy Tampered IP Addresses?

Using an IP API, proxy detection comes from extensive analysis of the incoming connection. Using a combination of techniques, including WebRTC checks, ping tests, DNS leak tests, and more. The key is it gives you an idea of whether or not you are likely dealing with a scammer.

This probability is obtained by using a fraud score or risk score; therefore you can automate your server to reject this type of connection; without having to generate your own testing system that consumes part of your server’s resources.

The results are almost instantaneous, regardless of the number of IPs that pass through your website on a daily basis; since services like ipXapi put at your disposal first-class hardware that allows you to make calls constantly without fluctuations in the service.

That is why we recommend that you start using this service, since protecting your website from connections masqueraded with proxies has never been so easy!

This Is The Best IP Lookup API You’ll Find On The Web Today!

IpXapi is a program that can track any IP address to determine its geolocation or the provider to which it belongs. Furthermore, it provides many additional choices for analyzing IPs, such as ping tools, trace routes, the ability to find IPs, and even tracing incoming emails until they reach their originating sender.

On the other hand, IpXapi is more easier to use than other online tools. Its function is quite easy; simply input an IP address on the web and it will display all accessible information about it. Aside from that, highlighting any of the results will provide you with much more information.

If you run an online company that depends on the user’s location, you might consider making use of ipXapi‘s geolocation features to offer distinctive products, services, news; and notifications. It’s incredibly simple to use; try it out today and take your business to the next level!

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