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Use an API to Get Iron Prices in Euros

Chek out this metal prices api to get Iron prices in euros for free!

Use an API to Get Iron Prices in Euros

About This Metal

Iron is a chemical element represented with the symbol Fe and an atomic number of 26. It is the fourth most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and is a constituent of many minerals. Metal in the first transition series, is by mass the most common element on Earth and the fourth most common element in the Earth’s crust. 5% of this crust is composed of oxygen, 23% silicon, 28% aluminum, 15% iron, and 1.5% calcium.

As for its characteristics, Iron has a specific gravity of about 7.8, making it heavier than water but lighter than most other metals. It has a shiny metal luster, excellent ductility and malleability, and moderate corrosion resistance. Iron is relatively unreactive under normal conditions due to its stable, d0-like ground state and is resistant to oxidation even at high temperatures.

About APIs

The expansion of applications in recent years penetrated all areas of our day-to-day life. Nowadays, an application is necessary for almost any activity. There are APIs to park in your city, order food or purchase something. Even if you want to reduce time using your cell phone, you have software to help you. The API phenomenon does not escape the world market for precious metals and currencies, so we will tell you how they work.

There are already very competitive companies with a long history in the foreign exchange market. Recently, they incorporated APIs into their operation to meet an expectation that today’s society demands more and more: the immediacy of the answer in front of a specific request. An API on your device becomes an accessible and handy tool to acquire the information you need.

Generally, the more they are used, the more possibilities their developers have to refine them. As a consequence, they can work more efficiently and provide more services. The challenge of metal applications is to improve their supply day by day, but they are part of the future of world economies and private sector investments.

A Metal Prices API: Metals-API

Metals-API has a wide range of possibilities for the number of API calls and its returning data time. You can also upgrade your subscription whenever is necessary. First, you’ll have to downgrade to the free plan; it doesn’t change automatically. When it becomes effective, you can choose the premium option.

It can be rewarding to be aware of special packages regarding the size of your enterprise and its needs as well. If the requirement exceeds the limits of the currents subscriptions available, you can ask for more. On the other hand, if your enterprise’s queries surpass the limitation number, the API allows it until a twenty per cent extra. Beyond that percentage, the service can be affected. In this particular situation, the API can go offline.

Use an API to Get Iron Prices in Euros


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