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Use an API to Get Oslo Airport Flight Data

Consider someone who travels to Norway frequently for any reason. Wouldn’t it be fantastic knowing what to expect when she or he arrives at the airport? As an airline or a travel agency, we have the duty of providing our customers with the most accurate data. This post will give you clear and concise guidance on how to access and share airport flight data. Continue reading to stay updated!

The air transportation business is growing, and aviation has a promising future. Nowadays, many companies provide the fastest global transportation system, fostering growth in the economy, job creation, global trade, and tourism. Every day, airlines carry more than 10 million passengers and almost USD 18 billion in products. This demonstrates the huge economic impact of aviation on the global economy and all the benefits that comes with that. 

Let’s suppose that your airline has to travel to Oslo, the capital and largest city of Norway. It was founded as a trading place at the end of the Viking Age, so it’s a cool destination for tourists. The city wasn’t renamed Oslo until 1925. Your customers shouldn’t miss the Fram Museum, Vikingskiphuset, and Kon-Tiki Museum. For travelers interested in Norwegian Vikings’ history, Bygdøy is the perfect place to visit.

You would have to arrive at the Oslo Airport (IATA: OSL, ICAO: ENGM), the main international airway of the capital city of Norway. Also, it’s known as the second busiest one in the Nordic countries after Copenhagen. Its located in Gardermoen, 22 miles northeast of Oslo and it’s a hub for Scandinavian Airlines, Winderøe, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and Wizz Air. Besides, it had to handle 28,592,619 passengers in 2019. If you want to know, for example, how many people have traveled with your team, you should use a flight tracker API. 

What is an API?

Barry Walker, a software architect, told us that: “an API is a documented way for developers to share pieces of functionality. It’s meant to give them an easy and standard way to build features without having to write all of their own code”. This means, in simple words, that you can use this tool to connect your website or app with several databases all over the world. 

The Best Option to Check Flight Data

We suggest you create a free account on Flight Labs. This is the best, smoothest, most extensive, and easiest-to-understand airport schedule API available. We are already using it for all of our travel projects, and it has never given us any unfavorable feedback. The free plan offers many features, but if you want to develop your library, we recommend upgrading to a premium membership.

Airport flight data

Wait a moment. We haven’t even mentioned its best attributes yet! It has several databases that you can access in real-time. You may look for information on timetables and flight schedules, arriving airports, running carriers, and more. Moreover, whether a flight is terminated, active, delayed, or unexpected, your customers can update their flight status. Whether you’re developing a flying application or updating one, Flight Labs can really help!

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