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Use This API For Sugar Prices Fluctuation Data

Tracking sugar rates is as sweet as the product itself. Moreover, knowing historical and real-time prices through time is key to make the most out of your investment.

World Wide

Sugar is used in almost every country. Some of them have a stronger consumption tradition, while others are starting to opt for more natural alternatives.

Nevertheless, this is used at big scales in food industries and, of course, you can find it in every house.

Use This API For Sugar Prices Fluctuation Data


Sugar is a reasonable investment. That is because the performance grows constantly and it is consumed by the greater part of countries on the planet.

Although, you should be informed that prices vary on a regular basis, making it difficult to forecast. Although an API can give real-time pricing, not all applications can provide historical rates.

There are several online tools available for getting real-time and historical commodity rates in a variety of currencies (even crypto) is a website that allows you to track the price of a variety of commodities. Finally, you can forecast prices and easily convert them to your preferred currency.


This online tool collects market data prices from sources and organizations around the world in a variety of currencies. Commercial sources are also favored since they better reflect market exchange rates, particularly for large currencies and commodities.

Use This API For Sugar Prices Fluctuation Data

Commodities-API began as a simple, minimalist Open-Source API for recent and historical commodity prices from financial institutions.

Fluctuation Endpoint

You may get information about how currencies vary on a daily basis using the Commodities-API fluctuation endpoint. Simply set a start and end date, then select which currencies you want to query the API for. Please keep in mind that the maximum term is 365 days.

API Request:
? access_key = API_KEY
& start_date = 2015-12-01
& end_date = 2015-12-24

API Response:



The API can offer real-time commodity data with a precision of two decimal points and a frequency of 60 seconds. Commodities-API is built on a strong back-end architecture that ensures high availability and response times of less than 50 milliseconds for specific API calls. Delivering commodity exchange rates, converting single currencies, and returning Time-Series and Fluctuation data are only a few of the functions.


The Commodities-API uses bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption to secure your connection.

Thousands of developers, small enterprises, and large corporations use Commodities-API on a daily basis. This API is the most popular site because of its reliable data sources and 6+ years of experience.

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