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Use This API To Deliver User Experiences Customized Based On The Location Of Your Website Visitors

Have you been looking for an API that can deliver user experiences that are customized and meet your users’ expectations? Do you not know where to find that technology based on location? Relax, we have your back. The tool you need is ipXapi API! A reliable, simple, accurate and well-known tool. Allow us to tell you about it!

What Is So Special About This API?

There are many things that are notable about IP Geolocation API! Let’s talk about the API’s modules first. There are four different modules, this simply means that there are four main focuses this API has covered so that you can successfully improve your business!

Let’s talk about the first one. It is the Location Module. Use the comprehensive collection of localization data provided by the API to implement geo-restrictions on your website, improve ad targeting, or provide users with experiences that are specific to their region. This module is one of the most helpful ones when it comes to marketing and bettering your website.

The second one is the Currency Module. What this one does is help you provide your consumers with a customized purchasing experience by receiving immediate and accurate information about the principal currency being used in the area returned for the processed IP address. Once again, an excellent way of helping you with your company.

The third module is the Time Zone Module. Without requiring your users to fill out any forms, you can learn what time zone your users are in and take appropriate action depending on the information you receive.

Finally, this last module is the Connection/ASN & Security Module. This fourth one will get you immediately identifying proxies and crawlers, so you can defend your website and web application and stay one step ahead of any potential risks to your company.

Use This API To Deliver User Experiences Customized Based On The Location Of Your Website Visitors
ipXapi API will help you get a perfectly customized website for your customers!

Who Would Use ipXapi API?

This API is mainly aimed towards those who desire better prospects for their companies and brands. Developers have enough on their hands so this API es perfect to cut them some work! That way, they have more time to focus on other things. On the other hand, not only are developers decide to employ ipXapi API. Many companies employ the API so that they do not have to get an IT team or developer to work on their websites.

But Is It Accessible?

Yes, it is! There is no other system that is as simple as this one. All there is to do is visit ipXapi API‘s page and click the sign-up button that is at the top right corner. Once you are there, just fill out a very brief form. Luckily, this will not take more than a few seconds!

Now, let’s talk about the pricing. There are several subscription plans to choose from! This API offers one uncharged plan and five other plans that are accessible. They all include fair amounts of API requests. The best part is that if you go and sign up right now for any of the paid plans, you will get a 90% off of the prices.

Use This API To Deliver User Experiences Customized Based On The Location Of Your Website Visitors
ipXapi API‘s website

Make sure you visit the API’s page! You can go directly by clicking any image or name tag.

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