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Use This API To Get Departures Flight Status From Tampere Airport

Read this article to learn how to get reliable flight information with API technology.

Tampere-Pirkkala International Airport is a major airport in Finland used partly for civilian use. For annual passenger flow, it is currently the third busiest airport in Finland. It is located in Pirkkala, some 17 kilometers southwest of the city of Tampere, and is the third busiest airport by a number of operations in the province of Western Finland.

Tampere Airport was opened in 1936 in Härmäläun district in Tampere, located 6 kilometers from the center of Tampere. At that time, Härmälä Airport is linked to Helsinki, Vaasa, Oulu and Kemi by Aero Oy (forerunner of Finnair). The first terminal was built in 1941. Veljekset Karhumäki, an airline, in English “Karhumäki Brothers”, later known as Karhumäki Airways and Kar-Air, began flying to Stockholm in the 1950s.

The runway was not paved until 1958. Between 1936 and 1979 Härmälä Airport served 1.5 million passengers. In 1979 Härmälä Airport was closed and the new Pirkkala Airport was opened. This airport has civilian use, but also an important commercial weight as it is located near the factory of Nokia, the well-known telecommunications company.

The geographical location of airports is especially important, as it will determine their easy accessibility and their proximity to border crossings, cities, factories, etc. All this will make the logistics that airports have. Digital tools are also very important for logistics. An example of this are the Flight Data APIs that allow to the incorporation of real-time flight and airport information into the work platforms.

Why Use Flight Data APIs?

Did you know what interfaces are? They are large networks that interconnect information sources. APIs are interfaces that allow the integration of external information or functions into web pages, platforms, and applications. There are different types of APIs, such as OCR APIs that allow you to convert an image to text, or Book APIs that can incorporate large libraries of titles. Flight Data APIs provide real-time information from airlines and airports such as IATA and ICAO codes, or the status of a flight.

For example, travel agencies can provide up-to-date information on available flights thanks to flight data APIs, passengers can check their flight status in mobile applications thanks to flight data APIs. There are several APIs of this type in the market, and each one has its own attributes, that’s why we want to recommend you to try FlightLabs which is a complete API that provides global coverage and is really easy to use.

More About FlightLabs

If you were looking for a simple way to integrate flight information into your platform, FlightLabs is the best choice! This API is highly professional and has reliable first-hand information. In addition, it is the fastest API on the market, so it will provide updated information in real-time, which is very important for the complicated logistics of this industry. It is easy to use as it supports most programming languages.

This API has a remarkable search system. You can search by different categories such as destination, latitude, altitude, IATA and ICAO codes, and flight status among others. By working with artificial intelligence its engines work better and better. It also has the best coverage in the market, with information from thousands of airlines and airports. Do not doubt that FlightLabs is the best option for your business. Try it now to start seeing results!

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