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Use This API To Protect Your Site From Tor Users

The ability to restrict access to the use of your website to particular locations for any reason is made possible by obtaining the IP addresses of your visitors. This is useful when creating customized tactics or campaigns for them.

Our ipXapi is ideal for this job because it can quickly identify the IP address of any person who is visiting your website.

Additionally, as we previously mentioned, ipXapi will be able to recognize whether you are coming from a prohibited area so that you may take appropriate action.

Location constraints might have many different causes, but at ipXapi we are just interested in helping you and your business with anything you need.

What are you waiting for to start enjoying the benefits of our ipXapi ?

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What is the geoblocking procedure and how it works?

When a company rather than a country is to blame, the majority of geoblocking is done by checking your internet protocol (IP) address. Simply explained, your IP address reveals where you are in the same way that your physical address does.

This is how the geoblocking goes:

Your internet service provider assigns IPs to all of your internet-connected devices, including your laptop, phone, and other mobile devices (ISP). Because of this, your ISP is aware of where you are, what devices you use, what you do online, and whether you are online right now.

When you access a website, the server receives your IP, which instructs it where to transmit the requested content.

Using specialized software, you may determine your device’s approximate location. A website “knows” where you are connecting from in this way.

The software that website administrators set up then applies geoblocking based on this data.

What about the API’s pricing?

Do you think that the ipXapi is quite pricey?

Our ipXapi has four distinct plans to meet any of your (or your company’s) requirements.

The first is the non-cost plan, which includes 100 Requests per Month.

The Basic plan, which has 1000 Requests per Month is $29.99.

Following that is the Pro plan, which includes 10,000 Requests per Month is $49.99.

And finally the Pro Plus plan with 100,000 Requests monthly for $99.99.

It’s important to remember that nothing long-term is committed. Your ipXapi plan can be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled with a single click.

But, as if these three incredible plans weren’t enough, we now have a new Premium plan which includes 500,000 Requests per Month for $299.99 for the changing needs of your business.

We put a lot of effort into being able to provide this additional choice to people who need it most because we are aware that needs are constantly changing and being added to or taken from.

We hope we have convinced you to give our ipXapi a chance and that you and your company start to make a name for yourself on the internet using this type of tools that until a couple of years ago were even difficult to imagine.

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