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Useful Software To Get Airport Codes From Jandakot Airport

Read this article to learn useful information about Flight Data APIs and how to get airport codes of any airport in real-time. You will discover the benefits of using artificial intelligence tecnology for your company

Australia is recognized for being one of the most important countries for tourism because it has a variety of buildings and landsrape that’s why many tourist choose this place to visit it. On the other hand, one of the most famous airport is Jandakot where is located in Wester Australia. This airport is one of the most demanding by tourist year to year, operates many flights daily.

In order to provide the best possible service, airport businesses and the travel industry in general, need to have global flight data to coordinate their services. What used to be done manually, can now be done automatically with the help of technology. Flight Data APIs make it possible to integrate constantly updated information into work platforms or websites.

What Are APIs And Why Are They Essential For My Business?

There has been a boom of new APIs, growing at the rate of 2,000 per year. This growth is due to the fact that APIs are becoming increasingly important for companies, who consider them a vital part of their technological strategy. That’s why many companies are using flight APIs in order to develop a better customer experience and increase their sales.

In the tourism and aviation sectors, APIs play a key role. They are the ones that allow global information to be incorporated into websites, apps, and work platforms. Without them, the thousands of daily operations involved in airport logistics would be impossible. If you have to handle this information on a daily basis, you know that an API is a real lifesaver, however, it is not easy to choose one that suits your needs. Because of its key attributes for this industry and its simplicity of use, we recommend you to try FlightLabs, a very recognized API in the market.

More About FlightLabs

 FlightLabs provides information from over 250 countries and 13,000 airlines. You’ll be ready to access current and historical flight data like departures, daily flights, arrivals, aviation rates, airline routes, IATA codes, and standing updates, among other things. To assist you to control how data is requested and transmitted, this API features a computer programme with advanced options to customize your requests. Historical flight information is additionally available.

This API is available in many programming languages such as PHP, JSON and Python. This tool is really useful for developers in the technology industry due to the fact that they can develop their own application or website with flight data. On the website, you will find a lot of endpoints with global information of airlines, airports, airlines routes and more. In this case, you will use the endpoint airport and the API will provide you the IATA code, ICAO code, country iso, airport name, time zone and other things.

The API Response will look like that:

                    "data": [
                            "id": "3433",
                            "gmt": "8",
                            "airport_id": "3433",
                            "iata_code": "JAD",
                            "city_iata_code": "PER",
                            "icao_code": "YPJT",
                            "country_iso2": "AU",
                            "geoname_id": "6940992",
                            "latitude": "-32.083332",
                            "longitude": "115.88333",
                            "airport_name": "Jandakot",
                            "country_name": "Australia",
                            "phone_number": null,
                            "timezone": "Australia\/Perth"
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