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Was the world “Ethereum” banned as Google’s Adwords keyword?

According to the Serbian contract review startup Decenter, Google (Alphabet Inc.) is said to have blacklisted all keywords that contain the term Ethereum (ETH) on its Google Ads advertising platform. This was posted on January 10 by the startup company on Twitter.

What did Google say?

The official Google Ads account has responded to the tweet that crypto exchanges targeting both the US and Japan can be promoted on the platform, and that targeting other countries may be the reason for their refusal.

Decenter responded that their startup was a group of developers who conducted contract-based contract checks based on smart contracts and the error message was displayed when trying to use the keywords “ethereum development services” and “ethereum security audits”. As a result Google Ads replied:

“Although we can not confirm in advance whether your keyword is eligible to show ads. However, we recommend that you refer to the “Cryptocurrencies” section of our Financial Products and Services Policy. ”

When Decenter questioned the Ethereum community on Reddit in an open question about the alleged Google Ads policy changes, users said:

“For every keyword that contains” ethereum “in our campaigns, ads will stop running on January 9th. Now the following error is reported. ”

Google is banning crypto ads

Decenter’s Reddit contribution further stated that they have tested keywords for “Ethereum Smart Contract Audit” and “EOS Smart Contract Audit”. They found that only the EOS-related keyword contained ads.

As Cointelegraph reported in March 2018, Google banned cryptocurrency advertising of any kind in June of last year. This was recently updated in its Financial Services Policy.

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