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Google Ads and Bing Ads: Which platform is best suited to your brand?

With a 46 percent share, searches are the largest component of the digital advertising market. Google has a 92.51 percent market share. Search engine advertising has become a highly profitable business for search engines, as Statista data shows, thanks to the various advertising platforms, the engines will reach revenues of…

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Exclusive for startups: 4 Tips to create an effective Google ads campaign this 2019

Google does not stop growing, adapting to trends and technologies, this forces it to be constantly updating the functionalities of its different platforms. Effective campaigns in Google ads 2019 Smart features Google Ads does not stop incorporating new features. One of them is the Smart Campaigns, which means that we…

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How to advertise your startup on Google Ads Step by Step Guide 2019

When you start a business on the Internet, the most difficult thing is to get positioned in the first places, get a remarkable visibility and attract customers. Since, with the development of technology that is always in constant increase, there is much competition whatever the sector you work. However, Google…


Was the world “Ethereum” banned as Google’s Adwords keyword?

According to the Serbian contract review startup Decenter, Google (Alphabet Inc.) is said to have blacklisted all keywords that contain the term Ethereum (ETH) on its Google Ads advertising platform. This was posted on January 10 by the startup company on Twitter. What did Google say? The official Google Ads…

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