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Where To Find Human-Sounding Text To Speech

Does human-sounding text to speech feel out of this world? Keep reading to discover where to find it!

As its name says, text to speech technology, also known as TTS, allows devices to read aloud text-based materials. From online accessibility to voice bots to hands-free content consumption, this tool has a broad range of usages. However, not all TTS voices seem real, and in most circumstances, human-sounding text to speech results in superior experiences.

Let’s take, for example, long texts such as news articles, research papers, books and work documents. They become annoying if you listen to them via stiff, robotic voices. As a result, you prefer a lifelike TTS voice. Likewise goes for individuals who have visual or reading difficulties. AI voices that sound more human give better pronunciation and more natural prosody. This enhances comprehension and may be a requirement for understanding.

Where To Find Human-Sounding Text To Speech

The same happens with commercial uses like call centres. People often prefer to speak with a live representative when they contact a customer care line or an IT helpdesk. Therefore, callers will distrust the chatbot’s ability to assist them if they sound computerised. Human-like TTS make better caller experiences and more trustworthy brand interactions.

You may find it difficult to discover human-sounding text to speech voices that fit your needs, regardless of how you intend to utilise TTS. Thus, we bring you a full-packed service with realistic voices to cover all of your personal and commercial necessities.


Woord‘s speech synthesis can reliably replicate human voice in high-quality audio in 50 diverse male, female, and gender-neutral voices and some regional accents, spanning 28 different languages. Consequently, you’ll be able to enjoy your content fluently in a range of mother tongues, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and others.

Where To Find Human-Sounding Text To Speech

You may also further customise your speakers. Advanced speech settings in Woord modify your audio to your preference. You can control typical characteristics like speed. Alternatively, choose the best device profile for your use case’s voice (IVR, Smarthome and GSP, to name a few). Aside from those options, the programme includes an SSML editor that permits you to alter emphasis, whispers, breaks, and phonemes, among other aspects.

Hence, users can get human-sounding voices for any application. Moreover, they may use various input types, including plain text, a website URL, pdf, txt, doc(x), pages, odt, ppt(x), ods, non-DRM epub, jpg, and png files. That isn’t all, though. Woord has even more cutting-edge capabilities, like OCR technology, MP3 download, a Chrome plugin, and API access.

Don’t miss out on Woord and try its AI voice generator for free. By signing up, you receive two audios and 20,000 characters per month to relish your use cases in outstanding human-sounding voices.

If you test this TTS software, share your experiences with us in the comments.

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