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Which API Can Obtain The City Of User From Its IP?

How do you retrieve the city from a user’s IP address? We have the most effective and comprehensive tool for you.

If you can determine the city from any visitor to your website in real-time. This information can be utilized for a variety of purposes in order to organically develop your business and improve the customer experience. For example, if you own a business, you’ll categorize your consumers by city. Furthermore, creating advertisement campaigns is incredibly beneficial because the city will be extremely valuable for segmenting your target.

Because you will supply a specialized product or service for your clients, you will be more competitive than your competitors inside it. The sector has been increasingly competitive in recent years, making it harder to stay afloat.

To obtain the city, it is necessary to use an IP address, which stands for “Internet Protocol,” which is a set of rules that govern the structure of data transported over the internet or a local network. The internet needs a way to identify between different computers, routers, and webpages. IP addresses are an important part of how the internet works and provide a way to do so.

What is an API?

An API is a programmatic interface that collects information from a location and returns it to the person who requested it. APIs are employed because they allow real-time access to information such as the name of the country, the city, the currency code, and the calling code, among other things.

In this sense, IpXapi is the finest tool because it uses an API to get all of the information. 

Why IpXapi?

IpXapi is a free website that uses an IP address to gather localization data for a variety of purposes, including defining regional borders on your site, optimizing ad targeting, identifying and avoiding online fraud, and providing distinct user experiences based on their location.

The ipXapi database and API are linked to a number of big Internet service providers (ISPs), who give continuous updates on new and current IP ranges, resulting in extremely precise IP data.

You’ll also receive monthly access to 10.000 free requests. The formats JSON, Python, and PHP Curl are all supported.

If you want to obtain data from your visitors, you must utilize IpXapi and follow these instructions:

1- Go to and create an account.

2-Confirm that you’re using the correct IP address.

3- You’ll then receive an API answer in a variety of programming languages.

4- You are free to do whatever you want with it.

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