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Why Ignoring Location Data Will Cost You Time and Sales

Are you still resorting to ways that fell into disuse to try to sell more? Don’t you think it’s time for a change? We can recommend a location data API that will save you time and increase the number of your sales.

In recent decades, commerce, in general, changed its strategies. Marketing progressively took an individual turn. Perhaps, as never seen before. The way to reach consumers today is one by one.

Also, in recent years the indirect approach has shown better results for companies. The more distant contact, the better. Without going any further, today, the enterprises that continue to resort to calls to sell rank among the least desirable.

So, on the one hand, it is necessary to carry out advertising campaigns that question the individual. In turn, it must be a strategy with which he does not feel invaded. And the most complicated and even contradictory, if it is personalized and connects with personal tastes better. As you can see, it is not an easy task for marketing teams.

On the other hand, everyone can observe the greater effectiveness compared to segmented advertising models for a long time. By age, geographical location, and the social sector. All these features help build a target customer profile that brings good results. In any case, from the aspect linked to the location, any company can still have a much more correct approach.

location data

Why can ignoring location data cost time and sales?

Above all, it is necessary to understand that your clientele is the opposite of something abstract, an empty concept. It is not valid universally for all times and places. If you are interested in increasing your sales, for example, you need to know what your customers’ preferences are. The latter is probably closely related to your place of residence.

Thus, the geographical location of a person can also indicate their socioeconomic status. Since that, you can look for the general macroeconomic context and many more.

The important thing is that with all this data, you can shape a proposal that distinguishes you from your competitors. And at the same time, it attracts your clients because it contains and understands them as particular individuals.

Start with an Ipxapi to obtain location data quickly

Chiefly, its system is very effective because you will be capable of navigating and requesting GPS data without worry. In every case, the protection module uses a sophisticated approach to recognising proxies and Tor users. The latter implies that it protects your Internet address and the equipment associated with it from any potential attacker. Of course, your connection, whether corporate or personal, will be monitored too.

location data

Does every Ipxapi subscription provide location data?

Yes, it does. In fact, it’s the principal feature of this API. Every detail this company provides after processing the IP identification concerns ubiquity. And even better, the free plan has it and has the proper approximation. However, the difference is the number of requests to ask for the location data. The latter aspect is what you have to analyse before choosing a plan.

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