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Why your company needs to be inclusive: Learn from the giant Google

Lookut is the new Google app that promises to help blind people to have greater independence.

The Google team had already shared details of this app in Google I / O last year, anticipating some interesting aspects of its dynamics. And, now, they have finally launched this proposal on Google Play.

Exclusive for people with a visual disability

The idea is that people with a visual disability can use the benefits of their mobile devices to obtain information about the environment, without having to depend on another person. For example, using the camera and sensors, the device can detect if there are people or objects, and the app will transmit this information to the user, in a precise and real time, as seen in the image:

Not only will it say there is a dog, it will also indicate the position

This app combines the potential of artificial intelligence, applying a system similar to Google Lens.

In addition, other functions have been added, taking into account the daily activities of the people. For example, the possibility of reading texts (in quick reading mode) or reading barcodes and recognizing the value of money (in buy mode), among other options.

At the moment, it will only be available to users in the US who have Pixel devices, but the Google team promises to extend Lookut to other languages and markets.

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