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With This API You Will Have Access To Updated Data About Rental Cars In The U.S.

The Internet has democratized access to information for larger segments of society. Technology has made access to information convenient, easy, fast, and immediate. So much information has increased the power of the consumer. The element that has most transformed tourism in recent years has been the exponential growth in the number of mobile devices on the planet. Technology has democratized and today almost everyone has a smartphone that connects them virtually with the rest of the planet.

It is estimated that there are already more than 7 billion people and businesses connected to the internet through 30 billion devices. This indicates that our life and work are intrinsically linked to technology. The mobile channel has become an important sales channel for the travel industry, already accounting for 15% of all online bookings and with estimated growth of 22% per year for the next 5 years. At, 40% of its bookings already come from its mobile application.

Mobile also allows travelers to book or purchase products and services on the go and according to their specific needs at that particular moment. As an example of this, Car Rentals are every day more required, especially in large territories such as it is the US. The purchasing process is extended throughout the entire trip. Soon, many services offered to tourists through the mobile channel will be based on geolocation and their user profile.  

This has influenced promotion and advertising, which now has the customer at the center of the marketing strategy, whereas before it was the product or service. This process has also allowed small tourism companies without a large infrastructure or budget to be present in very distant markets that were previously inaccessible. 

Why Use An API?

The inner workings of APIs are intricate, but what you need to know about them is that they’re a streamlined way to connect one infrastructure to another through the creation of cloud-native applications. Data communication between systems is the goal of an API, and the majority of the time, this data interchange is done to automate manual tasks and/or make room for new features.

The provision of services through networks and agencies is typical of the sector in the case of tourism. Real-time access to company information is necessary for this situation, which Travel APIs make possible. Despite the fact that the industry has a large number of APIs, depending on the service provided and the coverage region, there are also extensive APIs with extensive global coverage, such as FlightLabs.

More About FlightLabs

FlightLabs is the technology you need if you want to integrate current information from across the world into your platform. You can incorporate the best features to offer individualized and superior service by using this API. Its AI-powered search engine delivers precise results as quickly as possible. With the same API, you will be able to provide details regarding flights, hotels, and vehicle rentals as well.

It contains a wide range of data that is categorized by things like IATA and ICAO codes or places. Additionally, it features distinctive endpoints like “Greatest Flights,” which offers the best flights on the global market. You can use its advanced search engine to look for specific terms like check-in date. It is incredibly simple to use and compatible with practically all programming languages.

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