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Yes, e-commerce can compete against Amazon, and this is the only way

In a world in which the electronic commerce sector is dominated by Amazon, those brands that want to follow in their footsteps should attend to the following reflections.

Amazon can boast of being the king of e-commerce. Its continued growth has resulted in a 49% share of the e-Commerce market in the United States.

A situation that raises a question: how can the rest of companies and their brands be competitive?

The simple answer is that these brands copy Amazon’s strategy to try to give the same answer that Jeff Bezos’s company gives its consumers.

One of the strong points of its strategy is the follow-up of the consumer and the communications once it has made the purchase. A perfect scenario for brands to build solid relationships with consumers.

It also has its Prime service that translates into guarantees and speed in terms of shipping. In addition, Amazon is always working to improve the payment process.

It is vital that brands strive to comply with these premises if their goal is to follow Amazon’s footsteps. But copying is not the solution since the vast majority of companies that try do not have the capital, resources or infrastructure of Amazon.

That is why you should focus on the least simple response. The best way to move your business forward is to constantly test your site and learn about how your customers interact with it.

All the information obtained from these processes is very useful to modify their design in order to facilitate the processes and, therefore, optimize their performance.

Here you have technology on your side. This is in constant evolution so it has a wide range of tools that will help you to know how customers are interacting with your site.

Regularly test the route that the client makes from the time he arrives on his page until he finally buys the product. But do not stop there. Worry about the shipment and to know how your overall experience of the process has been.

Tools like Google Optimize can be very useful. We also recommend working with third parties that can verify more accurately all the elements of the customer journey that you need to know to identify what is failing and what is working.

Do not forget that you are competing in the digital arena. A scenario in which everything changes at high speed so you should have a price comparator. The reason? Make sure your prices are always consistent and competitive.

Personalization should always be your flag. You should always present content and products that are relevant to your customers to increase not only sales but also your commitment.

One of the things that differentiate Amazon from its competitors is the way in which they use information about their customers to personalize the recommendations they offer.

Consider also the possibility of adding a new smarter and more predictive search engine. A tool that guarantees that the client quickly finds what they are looking for.

Do not forget that positive criticism is fundamental to success. Encourage your clients to provide them. Feefo and Trustpilot are review services approved by Google to help improve organic search, as well as Google Shopping reviews.

The most important thing to keep in mind after all the above is that, at the end of the day, your brand does not compete against Amazon. Compete against itself.

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