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3 AI Voice Generators For Video Ads

Did you decide to enter the text-to-speech realm but have no idea which tool would be perfect for your video ads? Keep reading!

Video advertising is part of a marketing strategy to promote a brand, explain a how-to guide, showcase customer testimonials, etc., through important communication channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. For that reason, you should present a clear, pleasant voice to attract your current and potential consumers.

Although employing people seems the obvious choice for the task, this action takes a lot of time and resources. With text to speech (TTS) technology, on the other hand, you can get lifelike spokespeople in seconds. You share the video’s script with the platform, and it does all the job.

What can consume your precious time is looking for “the one”. There are tons of speech synthesis tools that vary in quality. Thus, to speed up the searching process, we gathered three AI voice generators for video ads you can check out.


Woord produces high-quality synthetic sounds that resemble realistic voices. You only have to decide which male, female or gendered-neutral voice across 28 languages and dialects, such as Brazillian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish and Canadian French, you want to utilise. Moreover, you can customise the audio with advanced settings like the SSML editor for manipulating tone, breaks, and phonemes, among other traits.

Ideal for your ads voiceover, give these features and others (OCR, a Chrome plugin, MP3 downloads) a try for free. Sign up for an account to get two audios and 20,000 characters every month. If the outcomes satisfy you, you can upgrade to one of Woord‘s billed plans.


As a video production service, Wideo chose to offer a text-to-speech tool that can provide professional voices. You may now convert text to speech, download it as an mp3 file, upload the audio file to the video editor, and make your videos more vibrant.

The software from Wideo is simple to use and free. You only have to type your message or upload a text file from your computer, choose a voice and adjust the speed. But remember, the daily limit is 2,000 characters!

Azure Microsoft

Create a unique voice that reflects your brand’s identity with Azure Microsoft. The service converts text to speech in a fluid, natural-sounding manner that mimics the rhythms and intonation of real voices. And it lets you pick more than 330 neural voices in 129 languages and variations to engage worldwide audiences.

Additionally, you can adjust tempo, pitch, pronunciation, pauses, and more to customise speech output for your needs. Hence, Azure Microsoft delivers any speaking style or emotional tone you require.

Did you find these AI voice generators useful? Tell us in the comments!

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