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Top Benefits of Using AI Voice Synthesizer

Don’t you know the benefits of using an AI voice synthesizer? Get ready!

Everything starts with text to speech (TTS) technology. This technological development can convert any text into audio. As a result, it reads information aloud and allows people to listen to their favourite content. Plus, with the advancements in artificial intelligence, TTS can mimic human sounds and speech.

Putting it that way, it seems like a simple tool for personal audiobooks. But it can do more, especially for businesses. Text-to-speech’s turning of written words into spoken messages makes communication more effective and engaging. These are ways you can use speech synthesis in your company’s favour:

  • Branding that works across all touchpoints: you can implement a single TTS voice across numerous communication channels to be consistent.
  • Global market reach: lifelike, customizable TTS voices can help you contact people worldwide in their own language.
  • Make your online audience grow: TTS-enabled websites can appeal to millions of individuals with literacy issues and visual impairments, among others, without interfering with the usability of non-disabled users. The latter may feel attracted to the option (e.g. to multitask).
  • Improve your customer’s experience: TTS can personalize the purchase process and make it faster. This way, the client is satisfied with the service.
Top Benefits of Using AI Voice Synthesizer

Bonus reasons:

  • Waste neither time nor money: AI voices cost less than hiring people to do the work. And they can save you time if you need them for voicing purposes. TTS delivers outputs within seconds.
  • Enhance employee performance: HR departments and e-learning specialists may use TTS technology to make learning modules and employee training considerably more convenient for workers to learn anywhere and at any time.

Therefore, speech generators bring multiple solutions to your business. If you would like to witness these benefits with your eyes, we have a full-packed AI voice synthesizer that will be perfect for the task.


With Woord, you will be able to reach current and potential consumers across the world. The software supports 28 languages, including some regional accents. Thus, communication with (different) English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, etc., speakers is a piece of cake.

Top Benefits of Using AI Voice Synthesizer

Furthermore, you can create a unique voice for your brand. Woord not only allows you to select the gender (male, female or neutral) of your spokesperson. The service encompasses advanced audio options to customize the audio. You want to adjust the speed, done. You want to change the device profile (IVR, for example), done. Plus, you count with an SSML editor to arrange tones, pronunciation, breaths and more.

Last but not least, Woord comes with other features: Chrome extension, MP3 Download, API Access, Audio Joiner, Private Audio Library and complete intellectual property for all files. The best part is you can try most of its functions for free. Create an account and receive 20,000 characters and two audios (each month).

And now you know the top benefits of using an AI voice synthesizer! Can you see these text-to-speech pros in your business? Let us know!

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