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3 Options To Replace MetalPriceAPI That You Didn’t Know About

You won’t believe what are some of the alternatives that can replace MetalPriceAPI. Keep reading and check them all out!

If you’re a user of the MetalPriceAPI, then you might know just how important it can be to use APIs that deliver accurate and reliable information of metal prices and data. Indeed, for any individual trader or finance agency, knowing when the prices are changing between highs and lows is important.

However, you might think that this API is the only one you can use to do so. Shockingly, it’s not; there are many APIs for precious metals available that can greatly help you, just like MetalPriceAPI and even more!

Now, you may wonder which of these options should replace MetalPriceAPI; don’t worry, we’ll go over three possible choices available for you to use. These are all great and work with a high quality service to provide accurate and trustworthy information and data on the metal market.

3 Options To Replace MetalPriceAPI That You Didn't Know About

Which Are Some Alternatives To Replace MetalPriceAPI?

While there are many options available if you just search online, this can take a lot of time. Here are a selection of three alternatives which you may now know about.

Metals API

This is one of the finest APIs to get data on precious metals. Metals API has a straightforward, yet powerful and efficient system. It gives you access to many relevant details, such as the latest metal prices; conversion rates; historical record; highs and lows, and more.

3 Options To Replace MetalPriceAPI That You Didn't Know About

It is extremely simple to use a system that accepts calls from your point to the API and then returns a response with data. As said, you make a call, which details what information you want. This call is made by using Metals API‘s endpoints and filling them with parameters that specify certain details to get better results.

Keep in mind that to get the endpoints of the API, you also need to have a registered account since this gives you an Access Key. This key lets you get to the endpoint and, in turn, get the response from the API. For more information on how you can make the calls, go to the Documentation Page.

Each month, with your base account, you have 50 calls available. Nonetheless, Metals API provides a wide array of options to upgrade and, thus, get more calls and even enhance the status update time.


3 Options To Replace MetalPriceAPI That You Didn't Know About

Kitco is an effective and powerful site that can serve many purposes. It offers a great range of information, from metals and prices to mining and even more. It can even work as a news outlet since it has sections that show news and articles of relevance to the finance market.

While it can at first seem like a quite difficult site to navigate because of its design, don’t worry; if you get to actually use it, you’ll realize how easy and smooth it works. You can sign up for the site and access data and charts for metals such as gold, palladium, silver, and others.


3 Options To Replace MetalPriceAPI That You Didn't Know About

Xignite is another top choice for many. It’s well-designed and employs a user-friendly interface to make users feel at ease while also providing them with all of the information they require about metals and more in a reasonable amount of time.

What may separate Xignite from other APIs is that developers built it for the purpose of being used by other developers. In other words, it’s a great API that can be quite useful for coding in many programming languages. Overall, it offers adaptability to their users, which is always welcomed.

So? Give any of this APIs a try and use them to get the best data and details from metals in seconds!

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