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Best API For Real-Time Enrichment To Turn Leads Into Customers

Lead data enrichment solutions assist you in obtaining additional information about your current or potential consumers. They are a powerful tool that, when utilized correctly, may increase your revenue through clever prospecting and sales.

Setting up an automatic lead enrichment to a CRM system is a popular use case. When a new contact is generated (or modified), the enrichment tool runs it through its paces, and if a match is found, the data is populated into the appropriate fields. This can be accomplished by utilizing the lead enrichment API provided by most tools.

You can use the Zyla Customer Classification API to check information about people and companies based on their email addresses. Any email address can be turned into a complete personal profile. You can use the Zyla Customer API to look for personal and business information by entering an email address or a domain name. An email may, for example, be used to extract a person’s name, location, and social media usernames. You can also utilize the domain name to look for a company’s address, phone number, or logo. Get complete context on every lead, contact, and account in your company’s universe to generate conversion wins and insights at scale.

How Zyla Works

The Zyla Company Classification API takes a URL as an input and returns data for the company category associated with that URL. Our API examines a company’s website and classifies it into one of 385+ topic categories (our classification taxonomy is based on the IAB V2 standard).

It allows you to search for information in an email, a firm, or a website and categorize it (up to three layers). You can get his or her full name, face photo (avatar), address, how many employees the company has, company logo, company category, and corporate social network connections with only one email.

Key Features

  • Form shortening:

Hide or autofill fields to keep forms brief while collecting data (unless Clearbit can’t find the right data point).

  • Advanced email personalization:

Increase engagement by sending emails that are more relevant to the job role, company size, or any of our 100+ data points.

  • Maintain the freshness of your complete lead database:

Every 30 days, automatically refresh all of your records so you always have the most up-to-date information.

Zyla Use Cases

  • Content Classification

Zyla Text analyzes a document and creates a list of content categories that apply to the text contained inside it.

  • Document Processing

Data capture at scale is made easier using Zyla Text, and document processing expenses are reduced.

  • Customer Profiling

You can turn each customer’s email or domain into an enriched company profile and industry using Zyla Text.

  • Fraud Detection & Web Filtering

Zyla Text classifies billions of domains using strong machine learning. Our API examines a company’s website and divides it into 385+ topic categories (IAB V2 standard).

  • Classify products into categories

The class of a specific object in an image is predicted by Zyla Image. This technique’s major purpose is to precisely identify the attributes in an image. Sorting real products into categories is a common use case (brands, used or new products, etc).

  • Video Moderation

Zyla Video can help you identify content that is improper, undesirable, or offensive. Businesses can utilize Zyla Video API to maintain a safe user experience, provide brand safety assurances to advertisers, and comply with local and international standards in social media and e-commerce environments.

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